Monday, July 6, 2020


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Motion Control Market

Motion Control Market: Regions, Types, Applications, Drivers, Trends & Forecasts 2019–2026

A motion-control system initiates and controls the movement of a load to perform work. It is capable of precise speed, position, and torque control. Examples for the use of motion control...
EveryNet Semtech

Semtech LoRa Devices Monitor Ultramarathon Runners

Semtech Corporation recently announced that Everynet has leveraged the geolocation and asset tracking capabilities of Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN protocol to monitor runner safety at the...
Palliser Insurance

Connecting Canadian Growers with Premium Crop Monitoring and Risk Management Solutions

Farmers Edge just announced a new partnership with Palliser Insurance, the leading provider of hail insurance in Western Canada. This strategic alliance enables Palliser Insurance to simplify hail claims...

ThingWorx 9.0: PTC advances IIoT Across the Enterprise

PTC recently announced the upcoming release of the latest version of its market-leading ThingWorx® Industrial IoT platform. Designed to accelerate Industrial IoT deployments across the enterprise value chain, ThingWorx...

Impact of IoT Across Industries: 2020 and Beyond

The "Internet of things" (IoT) has become a popular topic of discussion in the last couple of years, it is revolutionizing not just the way we live but also...
AR/VR Chip Market

AR/VR Chip Market Size Global Research report, Future Scope, and Demand

Augmented reality is a technology that uses the existing user’s environment and overlays the digital or virtual content or information over it. Augmented reality applications are developed on special 3D programs...

End-to-End Testing – IoT System

The internet of things (IoT) is an intelligent technology between the real and the digital world. It is a system of interconnected devices that have the ability to collect...

Everything About the IoT in One Source! Presenting the 2020 Landscape Report

Among the emerging technologies that will revolutionize industries in future, the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to make the most impact. From retail to healthcare and manufacturing to agriculture, innovations...
IoT Apps Renewable Energy

Advantages of Using IoT in The Energy Industry

The renewable energy and energy optimization can be combined to enable sustainable energy transitions and mitigate climate changes. IoT is a disruptive technology that has resulted in a positive change by facilitating...

Mitsubishi Electric Develops IoT Suite under ClariSense Brand

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced recently its new ClariSense integrated Internet of Things technology, which will be used for accelerated development of IoT systems construction within the company and its...