The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating unprecedented opportunities in the area of critical infrastructure. Seeing and seizing these, NEXCOM is going full throttle on six revenue-generating applications including IoT, robotics, Industry 4.0, connected car, responsive stores, and security in industry IoT.

2014 marks a monumental year for NEXCOM as revenues hit US$177 million, an increase of 27%. “Years of experience in vertical markets not only paid off but also gave us advanced edges on IoT competition. We had a more equal regional distribution of the revenues: 28% from the Americas, 26% fromEurope, 28% from Asia, and 18% from China respectfully. By focusing solutions for these six areas and steady global presence reinforcement, we are well-prepared to drive double-digit growth and market-leading position in the coming 2015,” saidClement Lin, Chairman and CEO of NEXCOM.

In IoT applications, NEXCOM focuses on vertical clouds by developing IoT gateways and complete PaaS (platform as a service) offerings. NEXCOM’s C2C (click to connect and connect to cloud) platform simplifies data miningtasks from vertical clouds with intuitive GUI. C2C PaaS, on the other hand, enables easy integration with third-party SaaS (software as a service) and sends data analysis via computers or mobile devices anytime, anywhere. NEXCOM’s vertical cloudscover not just enterprises but also healthcare establishments including hospitals, nursing homes, and medical center hotels. The latest Medical and Healthcare Informatics Business Unit is dedicated to offering medical facilities one-stop solutions which include hardware platforms, system implementation, and business cloud storage services.

For robotics development, NEXCOM has established an R&D integration center and independently develops EtherCAT controllers. By engaging in downstream servo motor and I/O connection as well as upstream integration with third-party software like CODESYS and self-developed NexECM 2.0 and Xcare 4.0 software, NEXCOM accelerates software/hardware integration and offers remote monitoring capability. With these all-inclusive streamlining capabilities, NEXCOM not just propels mechatronics applications forward but also speeds up customers’ time to market.

To bring IP networking and manufacturing intelligence to the factory floor, NEXCOM’s smart factory solutions of Industry 4.0 combinea distributed control system, SCADA, AMI, safety system, and predictive control and maintenance system. Via IoT gateways, each subsystem sends in-factory data tothe cloud, enabling up-to-date decision-making information for the executives.

The IoT is not limited to industrial applications. It also helps to shape the future of retailers. NEXCOM provides digital-physical responsive store solutions that bring shoppers a more interactive and personalized in-store shopping experience. To help physical retailers recreate business value, NEXCOM’s responsive store solutions cover digital signage, digital shelf management systems, digital shopping carts, virtual fitting rooms, and experience centers.

The IoT is also advancing to connected cars, which makes traffic management smarter and accelerates sustainability. NEXCOM’s connected car solutions integrate critical in-vehicle data, data communications, and versatile sensors to turn connected cars into information hubs. Connected cars can perform various tasks. For instance, each car can monitor nearby vehicles to avoid road accidents, communicate with transportation infrastructure to optimize routes, amass sensor-generated data to acquire vehicle status, and provide in-vehicle infotainment to drivers and passengers. All of these make driving safer, smoother and more enjoyable.

Last but not least, privacy and data security remain critical for all IoT applications. To ease big data and related security concerns, NEXCOM’s networking solutions include bandwidthmanagement, industry firewall, industry storage, and industry switch. Thanks to these, users can enjoy unlimited data access with enhanced protection and peace of mind.


Founded in 1992, NEXCOM integrates its capabilities and operates six global businesses, which are Multi-Media Solutions, Mobile Computing Solutions, IoT Automation Solutions, Network and Communication Solutions, Intelligent Digital Security, and Medical and Healthcare Informatics. NEXCOM serves its customers worldwide through its subsidiaries in five major industrial countries. Under the IoT megatrend, NEXCOM expands its offerings with solutions in emerging applications including IoT, robots, connected cars, Industry 4.0, and industrial security