NEXCOM introduces in-vehicle computers VTC 7230 and VTC 7240 to foster the growth of connected vehicles in the IoT (Internet of Things), which aims to offer safer and more efficient driving experience. Featuring 5th generation Intel® Core™ processors, the in-vehicle computers boast numerous telematics features to support fleet management, security features to protect vehicles in the IoT, and performance to drive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and stream multiple video surveillance feeds.

“The pursuit of driving safety and efficiency has been the driving force for advancements in in-vehicle technologies,” said Steven Wu, General Manager of NEXCOM’s Vertical Industry Platform (VIP) Business Unit. “Using 5th generation Intel®Core™ processors i3-5010U and i7-5650U respectively, VTC 7230 and VTC 7240 provide signal processing, machine vision, and video transcoding capabilities required of ADAS, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and video surveillance, giving abilities to sense and to think to fleet transport, public transport, police vehicles, ambulances and more.”

“The 5th generation Intel Core processors utilizing Intel’s new 14nm process has integrated Intel® HD graphics 5500 and 6000 and expanded hardware security. Its excellent performance adds multitasking capability for compute-intensive applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), while the Intel® Quick Sync Video provides fast transcode time. Furthermore, hardware security design, Intel® OS Guard and Intel® AES-NI, helps protect systems against malware intrusions and helps accelerate data encryption.” said Samuel Cravatta, IOTG Product Line Director, Intel.

For added physical security, the Pre-Alarm function on the in-vehicle computers features two DI and DO channels and an event button signal that can both operate in power-off state, ensuring alarms and emergency notifications are constantly available at times of intrusion or urgent conditions.

For fleet management, VTC 7230 and VTC 7240 feature built-in GPS for vehicle tracking and navigation, a CAN bus 2.0B interface with optional OBD II function for vehicle diagnostics. Furthermore, to enable remote monitoring of vehicle diagnostics, store and exchange data of video surveillance feeds and IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) services, VTC 7230 and VTC 7240 feature four mini-PCIe expansions with dual WWAN support and dual external HDDs, providing high cellular bandwidth for fast connections and ample storage for large video and media files.

Main Features

  • Intel® Core™ processor dual core i3-5010U/i7-5650U
  • Three SIM cards + dual WWAN modules support
  • Dual swappable SATA 3.0 SSD/HDD
  • Built-in GPS, optional Dead Reckoning support
  • Built-in CAN 2.0B. Optional OBD II module
  • Wake on RTC and SMS message
  • Voice communication via WWAN module
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-810G in anti-vibration/shock
  • 4x mini-PCIe socket rich expansion capability
  • Support active monitoring in power-off state

Ordering Information

VTC 7230 (P/N: 10V00723000X0)

Intel® Core™ processor i3-5010U, 2.1 GHz dual core CPU, Industrial Grade 2GB DDR3L SO-DIMM, VGA/DP output, 2 LAN, 2 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232/422/485, 8 x GPIO, 3 x USB, 12VDC output

VTC 7240 (P/N: 10V00724000X0)

Intel® Core™ processor i7-5650U, 2.2 GHz dual core CPU, Industrial Grade 2GB DDR3L SO-DIMM, VGA/DP output, 2 LAN, 2 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232/422/485, 8 x GPIO, 3 x USB, 12VDC output