IoT Tech Expo Global 2017

With the IoT Tech Expo Global in London’s Olympia just a week away (23-24th), we want to ensure you have all the details for the event and let you know what you can expect over the two days. With 200 speakers, 7 conference tracks and too many unmissable panel sessions to cover, here’s a hand-picked selection of highlights for our chosen verticals.

>>> Smart Cities
‘Smart Cities Need Smart Utilities’ is a panel that looks to understand that link between, utilities, infrastructure and government. The track features speakers from City of Stockholm, Ghent, BMW, Arup, Hypercat & more.

>>> Connected Industry
From ‘Creating a Competitive Edge Within the IIoT’ to ‘Digitalising Heavy Industry’, via more drilled-down topics such as ‘The Future of the Smart Farm’, the Industrial Internet of Things is going to stay on everyone’s radar. Speakers from John Deere, JCB, ARM, Thyssenkrupp, Rolls-Royce, DHL, Maersk & more.

>>> Connected Living
The connected home needs little publicity, but ‘Connected spaces – using the IoT in Public’ will explore the bridge between the home and its surroundings/environment. What next for beacons, BLE, open data and the rest? Ft Heathrow Airport, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, SSE, O2 & more.

>>> Data & Security
Rigorous advances in data and security are crucial for IoT success beyond 2017. ‘An E2E approach to tackling data security challenges of the IoT’ ensures just that: analysis of supply chain pain points to make IoT more robust while maximising its data potential. Ft Qlik, Barclays, Bank of Ireland, British Gas & more.

>>> Connected Services
‘How is the IoT shaping consumer-brand relationships in retail and beyond?’ is the question that speakers from Shell, Qlik and more will look to answer and discuss on the afternoon of Day 1.

>>> Developing for the IoT
‘Discovering the World of Connectivity – Unlocking the Promise of IoT’ is a panel that not only serves as a primer for new developers, but also a touchpoint for more IoT-experienced businesses to galvanise and push ahead with their initiatives. Ft. PTC, LoRa Alliance, Reliance, Ubuntu, Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth & more.

>>> IoT Innovations & Technologies
What is ‘The Role of Hackers in Innovating within IoT Security’? This panel will explore a sensitive but important issue about how, by thinking like a greyhat, you could save your idea – and your data – through experimental innovation. Track features Verizon, BP, Johnson Controls, FC Barcelona, Team GB, Sky, SL Benfica & more.

There are just a few days left to register for the IoT Tech Expo Global!