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Today, NextGen Global Resources announced that it’s broadening its offerings to include capabilities for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Evolution. Since opening its doors in 2009, NextGen has done things a little differently from traditional staffing firms. Specializing in telecom and wireless has allowed NextGen to operate from a position of authority and work with clients who are moving the industry forward. This has provided a good view into the tech and telecom landscape and a sense of the directions it’s moving in. With the addition of an IoT and Wireless Evolution practice, NextGen’s already deep pools of talents will grow, but NextGen CEO, Andy Baker, insists “The formula we’ve used which is simple: work harder and understand our clients better, will remain the same.”

IoT and Wireless Evolution are changing the tech landscape from the inside out. The technologies are not new but the rate of adoption and acceptance by consumers has accelerated over the past few years, fueling tremendous growth. “By working with the companies that recognize the disruption and sourcing the right talent for them, we’re helping to shape the future of this dynamic ecosystem, and that’s pretty exciting,” said Baker. Below is a list of the expanded capabilities that NextGen will offer.

IoT & Connected Technology

The Internet of Things – Industrial & Consumer
Infrastructure, Services & Devices
Smart – Home, Auto, Mobility, Energy & City Initiatives
Security, Safety and Privacy
Interoperability, Standards & Policy
Cloud Services & Architecture
Data Analytics, Infrastructure & Services
Embedded Devices & Objects

Wireless Evolution

Advancements in LTE
Network Function Virtualization
Software Defned Networks


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