Nightingale, the world’s first smart home sleep system, is now available for pre-order to customers nationwide at Designed by acoustic experts, Nightingale immerses a room in perfectly tuned sound blankets, masking disruptive indoor and outdoor noises to help customers sleep better every night. Nightingale also integrates with smart home products like Hue, Nest, Ring and Google Home via the popular IFTTT platform, and can be controlled via Amazon Echo.

Developed by Cambridge Sound Management, the world leader in sound masking, Nightingale consists of two separate units that plug into standard power outlets. With a slim design and dual pass-through electrical plugs, the units easily fit behind furniture and don’t take up valuable outlet space. Nightingale can be controlled over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via the free Nightingale app or from any web browser. Unlike traditional white noise machines, Nightingale takes into account bedroom type and acoustics as well as personal sleep conditions, like snoring and tinnitus, when suggesting a suitable sound blanket for each individual. Nightingale utilizes the walls to reflect the soothing sound blankets throughout the room, creating a uniform sound field that ensures the brain cannot localize on the source of the sound, a common shortcoming of white noise machines.

“We are extremely excited to bring our industry-leading technology to consumers with Nightingale and to revolutionize the sleep aid market,” said Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management. “Studies show that more than one in four Americans don’t get enough sleep – something that’s associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression. Our goal with Nightingale is to ensure people everywhere get the sleep they need to live a happy, productive life.”

With Nightingale’s custom scheduling feature, users can set the system to automatically ramp up sound before bed and turn off upon awakening. Nightingale offers built-in, multi-color LED nightlights and also comes with soothing nature sounds. In 2016, Nightingale was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Restless sleepers around the nation can now pre-order Nightingale for $249 at Kickstarter orders will ship in January, and pre-orders are expected to ship in February.

Stop by the Nightingale booth at CES 2017 January 5-7 (Sands, Halls A-C – #42749) to learn more about the Nightingale Sleep System. Nightingale will also be exhibiting at Pepcom Digital Experience! at The Mirage on Wednesday, January 4 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. and Showstoppers at the Wynn Hotel on Thursday, January 5 from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

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