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Noa Technologies, a tech company that will publicly launch Fall 2016, announced that its cloud-based mobile IoT and data insights technology is being road-tested—quite literally—by famed European ultracyclist Gerhard Gulewicz in the grueling Race Across America (RAAM). Starting in Oceanside, CA, RAAM spans 3,000 miles, climbs 175,000 feet and traverses three major mountain ranges, two deserts and four of America’s longest rivers before it finishes in Annapolis, MD.

This will be Gulewicz’s 11th time participating in RAAM as a solo rider, but it will be his first using technology that can monitor his ride 24/7, every step of the way. With Noa’s mobile IoT technology integrated into his three competition bikes, Gulewicz and his supporters will be able to live track his ride performance with precision data on his speed, remaining trip duration and bicycle switches. Noa’s technology is also capable of monitoring bicycle conditions and maintenance needs, eliminating unexpected and costly slowdowns.

“For the first time in 11 years, I will be able to bring my fans along with me for the entire ride,” said Gulewicz. “Noa’s technology will connect me with both my team and fans in real time, providing live updates on where I am, what I’m riding, and how fast I’m riding toward the finish line.”

According to Noa Technologies’ CEO Philipp Meyer-Schmeling, “After 18 months of rigorous testing in every condition imaginable, we wanted to put our mobile IoT platform to the ultimate road test in a very public way. Gerhard is an exceptionally inspiring athlete, so we thought it would be fantastic to enable everyone who wants to join him on his RAAM journey to be able to do so, coast to coast.”

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