nomos system AG announced the nomos Cloud API as an optional extension to its flagship products, allowing companies, OEMs and consumers to extend connectivity outside of the home to any automated device, property or system – such as cars, buildings, offices or universities.

All too often, individuals experience the problem of interoperability when trying to control automated devices from different manufacturers and protocols. Without the capabilities for products or ‘things’ to communicate with each other across the internet, the IoT remains limited with manufacturers simply enabling connectivity amongst their own product range, therefore significantly lesseningthe consumer experience.

The way IoT functions in its current state yields daily inconveniences, as most cloud based devices are unable to communicate with other cloud infrastructures. Without cloud interoperability, seemingly simple scenarios remain a challenge like triggering a morning routine by having a Fitbit alarm clock automatically turn on lights, play music and open the blinds. While some of these interoperability obstacles can be addressed by services like IFTTT, they are ineffective in integrating devices like audio and video equipment. This presents a problem for an industry that’s anticipated to reach 25 billion connected things by 2020, according to Gartner.

Through the nomos Cloud API extension, traditionally closed off clouds can instantly communicate with each other. Furthermore, interoperability is now possible between various clouds and APIs so developers can create a new generation of interconnected products through the nomos IoT Development Platform.

The nomos Cloud API also allows users to securely and easily grant remote access to the systems of authorized individuals, enabling them to control their IoT devices from anywhere in the world. No longer do consumers need to reset the controller every time their HUEapp was paired at a different location.

“The nomos Cloud API add-on is our logical expansion to solve interoperability not only locally, but also amongst various clouds and services. Sensitive to security concerns, our cloud extension is only optional and our systems still run without any internet access if desired,” said Bernhard Huessy, CEO and co-founder of nomos system AG. “As a one-stop-shop for automation, we continue to level the playing field of diverse technologies by preparing businesses and consumers for future innovation in the Internet of Things.”

Customers have the option to opt in to the Cloud API as an extension of their nomos automation platform through two types of connections – traditional REST API or the advanced REALTIME API. nomos helps developers get started immediately by offering the Cloud API Library for JavaScript and PHP on GitHub.

The nomos Product Suite is available today with pricing structured based on needs and resources.

About nomos system AG

Founded by home automation veterans as a R&D software lab in 2010, nomos system AG is the leader in innovative building automation, with more than 2,000 licensed projects and 500 active system integrators in the nomos forum. Using its own software engine, nomos system has completed numerous upscale residential and commercial projects in Europe, the United States and Asia. Suitable for any application from residential to automotive, aviation or marine, nomos system AG supplies OEM partners in the field of automation around the globe. To learn more, please visit