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Nortek Security & Control,  a leader in the security, smart home and wellness technology markets, announces a number of strategic expansion plans in the wake of the company joining the ZigBee Alliance. The company is announcing plans to develop products that utilize the ZigBee protocol driven by projected growth and key customer demand. This strategic growth plan serves to create a larger ecosystem of compatible devices within Nortek Security & Control’s smart home product lines.

Participation in the ZigBee Alliance demonstrates the company’s agnostic approach to embracing and supporting protocols that are supported by major customers and adopted in key growth markets. The ZigBee Alliance projects that the majority of its volume is driven by utilities for wireless energy management solutions, which has been identified as one of the top projected growth areas for smart home solutions. Adoption and installation by telecommunications companies and MSOs is believed to be a significant growth driver for ZigBee-based smart home installations over the next five years.

Nortek Security & Control’s open-protocol strategy married with its proven wireless expertise and global manufacturing capabilities have propelled the company to become the top provider of Z-Wave enabled products with the largest installed-base of home control systems. Nortek Security & Control is also a member of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and the Thread Group, having demoed the industry’s first Z-Wave-over-Thread smart home demo at CES 2016.

“Our expertise in wireless connected devices started 50 years ago with the development of the first wireless smart home product, the garage door opener and has led industry innovation and driven change in the market ever since,” said Duane Paulson, senior vice president of product and market development. “We recognize the unique aspects and potential of the ZigBee protocol in the market and will apply the same level of dedication to serve our customers’ technology needs for ZigBee solutions.”

“We are excited to expand our solutions and product ecosystem to the ZigBee wireless protocol,” said Rob Halligan, group vice president of marketing for Nortek Security & Control. “With the success of our 2GIG® platform in over 3 million homes and the delivery of over 20 million security sensors into wireless home security systems, joining the ZigBee Alliance is a natural way to respond to the demands of our existing customers and develop relationships with new market leaders.”

“Nortek Security & Control’s participation is a timely and clear indication of the potential for ZigBee 3.0 in crucial, high-growth market sectors,” said Mark Walters, vice president of strategic development for the ZigBee Alliance. “We see tremendous opportunity for continued adoption of ZigBee solutions across all IoT markets and we’re pleased to welcome Nortek Security & Control as one of our newest members.”

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