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Novatek Microelectronics has announced the establishment of a working partnership with ThroughTek, IoT solutions provider. The recent partnership between ThroughTek and Novatek represents a change in the surveillance market, enabling the extension of application use through value-added cloud services to dashcam video devices. The portable dashcam is versatile in its design, making it both suitable for sports and travel use in various outdoor environments, as well within the car or home for security surveillance. With ThroughTek’s technology, chipset manufacturers can easily penetrate the IoT market by simplifying the device deployment process for technology brands.

“ThroughTek’s IoT solution empowers chipset manufacturers to deliver ready-to-use chipsets with connective components that enable IoT devices with real-time monitoring functionality. This saves our customers both time and money when deploying IoT devices,” said Patrick Kuo, CEO of ThroughTek.

Novatek chipsets with ThroughTek’s Kalay Platform cloud service integration enables video streaming capability for remote monitoring and content sharing. Additional cloud service offerings include event detection with video recording and real-time notification to instantly share video streams to assigned devices.

“The ability to deliver fast and secure streaming services is a vital feature for dash cameras, opening up endless possibilities for these devices. As more devices are using wireless video surveillance applications, the shift from on-site to remote monitoring will have an enormous impact for the surveillance, action camera, and automotive markets,” said Tommy Chen, Vice President of Novatek.

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