Ctrack telematics solutions from Novatel Wireless recently aided authorities in the recovery of two fuel tankers valued over $1,000,000 that were stolen in South Africa. The assets were recovered within hours as a result of the Ctrack stolen vehicle recovery bundled solution which provides fleet tracking, asset monitoring and stolen asset recovery services.

“Ctrack’s industry leading stolen assets recovery rate is over 90%, due to a combination of our advanced technology and partnerships with law enforcement that aid in the recovery of stolen goods,” said Sue Swenson, CEO of Novatel Wireless. “Security and peace of mind for customers are at the heart of our business and this is why our Fortune 500 enterprise customers trust us. Our Ctrack services have recovered millions of dollars of high-value assets and provide outstanding ROI for our customers.”

BSI Intelligence, a leading U.S. based supply chain consulting firm, estimated 2015 annual cargo theft at $22 Billion globally. Criminals employ technology in theft and pirating tactics which has created a stronger need for telematics applications that protect and track assets in real-time.

“Cargo theft not only results in significant financial losses for companies, it has created a dangerous environment for fleet drivers as tech savvy criminals employ increasingly sophisticated and violent means to expedite the seizure of high-value products,” explains Pierre Bruwer, Managing Director of Ctrack. “These latest recoveries prove that our insights and technology ensure the protection of our customers’ high-value assets and personnel.”

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