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NoviFlow Inc., a leading provider of high-performance OpenFlow-based switching solutions, and thePoznan Supercomputing and Networking Center will demonstrate live at the TNC2016 Conference SDN based auto-provisioning of IoT devices for use in cloud-based Smart-City services.

The demonstration features an application developed by PSNC for Smart Cities / Smart Buildings that can dynamically create and manage end-to-end communication channels from IoT devices to the cloud over SDN (software-defined networking) infrastructure. The application orchestrates cloud resources and manages IoT traffic between gateways and the cloud services by leveraging the TCP/UDP payload matching and handling features of NoviWare for traffic analysis (IoT devices recognition, categorization and policies), making it possible to automatically deploy IoT services over on-demand created LXC light containers for real-time data collection, storage, visualization and analysis.

NoviFlow provides high-performance, fully programmable forwarding planes and applications that are unencumbered by the limitations of legacy network equipment and that combine the unique capabilities of SDN with the performance of Network Processors.

This approach delivers a flexible, responsive and programmable routing infrastructure far better equipped to manage exploding numbers of connected devices and vastly changed usage patterns. NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch products provide a fully programmable, high-performance OpenFlow 1.3/1.4 forwarding plane for use with even the most traffic-intensive gateway applications, and its OpenFlow Experimenter-based enhancements add significant value to SDN solutions, which are of specific interest to the carrier and hyper-scaledata center communities.

Says Artur Binczewski, Network Technology Division Director of PSNC: “This demonstration clearly shows how SDN can decrease complexity, time and costs in the deployment of IoT devices in metropolitan networks using cloud-based service infrastructure. By providing a way to filter packets and add-in metadata at wire speed, NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch provides an agile, scalable forwarding plane for linking huge numbers of IoT devices economically and without disrupting existing infrastructure.”

According to Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO of NoviFlow: “NoviFlow’s cooperation with PSNC in this demonstration is part of our ongoing support of key innovators and researchers in the SDN area. Since its inception, NoviFlow has been a proud participant and contributor to Open Source SDN initiatives such as the Open Networking Foundation’s Atrium project, the ONOS project, and others. We consider demos such as this one critical to realizing the benefits of high-performance SDN solutions and expanding its practical application in carrier networks, hyper-scale data centers and cloud/internet service providers.”

The solution, which features three NoviFlow NoviSwitch 2128 high-performance OpenFlow switches, will be demonstrated at the TNC2016 conference in Prague until June 16th, 2016.

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