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Nurego, a Seattle-based startup focusing on digital BizOps solutions for cloud-based service providers, joins an elite number of companies that have earned a spot on the Top 10 IoT Solution Providers 2016 list by IT Infraworld (IoT Edition).

“I congratulate Nurego on being recognized with the much coveted title and being a recipient of Top 10 IoT Solution Providers 2016,” said Chris Harris, Editor-in-Chief of IT Infraworld. “We are glad to showcase Nurego this year due to its continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions.”

The award selection by honorary industrial experts is based on the vendor’s capability to fulfill needs of the buyers with effective solutions that curb the challenges associated with IoT.

A firm believer in lean methodologies, Nurego empowers a lean and mean digital BizOps solution for industrial companies pursuing Digital Transformation. Nurego’s BizOps provides business tools and metrics that expedite quote-to-cash processes, increase revenue and maximize profitability in industrial cloud environments. Customer facing teams can easily innovate on business models using a build-measure-learn-adapt approach that increases engagement, while governing the associated acquisition and retention costs for faster time-to-revenue.

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