NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced it added low power mesh compatibility into its Bluetooth® Smart portfolio, recently acquired from Quintic’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and wearable businesses. The new capabilities will enhance the company’s Bluetooth offerings which are subset solutions from the company’s low power connectivity standards relevant to the IoT, including NFC, ZigBee and Bluetooth Smart.

“Interoperability, low power, and secure solutions are the underpinning technologies that will drive the next wave of wearables and smart devices in IoT,” said Asit Goel senior vice president and general manager business line secure monitoring and control. “By offering low power mesh capability to its Bluetooth Smart portfolio, NXP fortifies its commitment to delivering leading Bluetooth Smart solutions that best fit growing market trends and standards of the industry.”

With mesh capability in its Bluetooth Smart solutions, NXP offers developers and manufacturers multi-node communication when developing devices and appliances for the smart home which include lighting, sensors, thermostats or other home Bluetooth Smart devices. In contrast to flooding in mesh networks, a technique which can generate broadcast storms and increase energy consumption, the NXP low power solution fully synchronizes and routes protocols for efficient end-to-end connection between nodes. The NXP solution achieves order of magnitude improvement on energy efficiency for the whole network. The solution will also feature enhanced security and self-constructed networks with self-healing capability, and future proof layered-mesh architecture to support on top of standard Bluetooth Smart devices as well as over-the-air update capability for upgrading network after deployment.

“NXP offers excellent Bluetooth Smart solutions along with a strong and complete portfolio of products for smart home and industrial connectivity,” said Charles Sun, vice president of engineering for SengLED, the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for smart lighting and smart home devices such as the Pulse Solo. “Given the importance of innovation in our devices and creating the very best user experience for consumers, we are proud to choose NXP as a technology provider to power our smart home devices for our current and future customers.”

NXP will showcase its new enhanced features with other Bluetooth demonstrations at Bluetooth World, booth #24, April 14-15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. Asit will deliver a keynote at Bluetooth World about the role of Bluetooth in the IoT space on April 15.  For additional information about NXP Bluetooth Smart solutions, please visit click here.

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