Kyrio IoT Device
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Kyrio, a subsidiary of CableLabs, Inc., announced that its testing lab now provides IoT device certification testing for compliance with the Open Connectivity Foundation’s (OCF) specifications. This new certification testing complements Kyrio’s existing wireless, network and security testing services, enabling technology vendors to ensure quality performance, security and interoperability while accelerating connected devices to market.

With billions of connected devices (appliances, smartphones, computers, cars and industrial equipment) anticipated by 2020, Kyrio’s OCF certification service makes it possible for companies to securely connect IoT ecosystems, regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or physical transport. The OCF standard is widely recognized with support from 200 members around the world – spanning consumer, enterprise, industrial, automotive, and health industries.

“As the Open Connectivity Foundation continues its efforts spearheading IoT standards, we are delighted to work with the world’s top testing laboratories to offer IoT certification testing for our members,” said Michael Richmond, executive director of the Open Connectivity Foundation. “The addition of Kyrio as an authorized test lab will ensure that we meet the demand for OCF certification testing, helping technology companies and developers achieve complete interoperability across their devices.”

As an independent and vendor-neutral testing laboratory, Kyrio continues to expand its services to support a vast array of industries including communications, energy, industrial, health and enterprise – in delivering the best end-user performance possible. With the addition of OCF certification testing, Kyrio is now able to help device manufactures achieve interoperability across IoT devices.

“As a highly respected, state-of-the-art test lab for fixed and wireless network device interoperability testing, we are excited to assist IoT device manufacturers in quickly achieving OCF certification,” said Mitch Ashley, President and General Manager of Kyrio. “Our experience helping manufacturers achieve certifications, test interoperability across vendor solutions, and quickly bring new products and technologies to market uniquely positions Kyrio in the marketplace. Working with OCF enables us to continue delivering on our commitment to innovation to tackle tough device interoperability challenges and deliver the best end user IoT experience.”

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