OCHO, the new smart key tray will make its debut on Kickstarter today, March 26. Joining the rising popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT), OCHO Pad holds keys, wallets and phones to make daily organization and communication easier through automated messages, reminders and notifications. Keeping tabs on teenagers, spouses and other loved ones has never been so simple, and daily communication tactics have never been so effortless.

Joining the other smart items for household use, OCHO is great for families to keep track of their things, their schedules, and most importantly each other. With OCHO, users can set notifications for when a loved one returns home from work or elsewhere and places his or her keys on the OCHO Pad. Users can also program OCHO to push certain notifications to loved ones or roommates when they return home.

If a mother leaves dinner in the fridge for her high schooler, she could set OCHO Pad to notify her daughter about dinner by pushing out a text message to her phone. As soon as she returns home from school or extracurricular activities and places her keys on the OCHO Pad, an automated message from her mom will be pushed to her phone letting her know where to find her dinner.

“We’re passionate about making technology that simplifies people’s lives,” said Anthony Garvan, the Lead Software Designer at OCHO. “The products in the OCHO ecosystem are inspired by our passion for the growing concept of the Internet of Things. This technology makes ordinary items behave as smart items, which paves the way for less forgetfulness, better communication with loved ones and more time to do the things you love.”

Using the technology is simple. Users add NFC-enabled tags to their keys, wallets or virtually any item they want OCHO to track, and OCHO will provide notifications based on those items. OCHO Pad also works with infrared technology for any item or device that does not utilize NFC technology. The OCHO App allows users to set specific notification and reminder functions around the tags. Users can see a history of all notifications sent for a certain, color coated tag. For example, if a parent assigns his or her son the blue tag on his keys, the App would allow the parent to look back and see all the notifications and messages that might have been pushed to or from that tag.

The OCHO Pad is the main smart tray that holds everything from wallets to keys, but the OCHO Mini, which can work in conjunction with or separate from OCHO Pad, is also available. OCHO Mini holds only keys, but it has the same basic functionalities as the OCHO Pad.

As of today, backers can now visit the live OCHO Pad Kickstarter project page to back the campaign and be the first to pre-order OCHO Pad. Early bird pricing begins at $38 for the OCHO Mini and $68 for the OCHO Pad, but these prices are only available in limited quantities. Once the early bird systems are all purchased, the Mini will cost $58 and the Pad will cost $88. Combinations and larger packages are also available. To get more information about OCHO or to back the project on Kickstarter, visit http://bit.ly/OCHOPadKS. Also, like the OCHO Pad on Facebook.


OCHO, Inc. is a US-based technology and engineering company. The OCHO engineering team has been involved with RFID product development for more than 10 years. The company focuses on development of new technology, intellectual protection of their inventions through the patent process and manufacturing through a network of overseas partners as well as sales and marketing of their products in USA. For more information visit http://www.ochopad.com.