Olea Sensor Networks announced the upcoming demo of its suite of new cloud-based sensor analytics solutions along with its current-model OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition Platform, which promises to revolutionize mobile and cloud-based service solutions over the “Internet of Things” (IoT) machine-to-machine (M2M) communications infrastructure for a wide variety of applications. Olea will be demonstrating its IoT “intelligent partitioning” architecture using its intelligent wireless proximity sensor and software analytics to perform real-time readings of human vital signs streamed live over the Internet to its cloud-based dashboard during the 2015 International CES taking place in Las Vegas January 6-9, 2015.

While sensors offer unprecedented access to data about our physical world that can be transformed into powerful knowledge, forecasts of more than 26 billion IoT sensor connections by 2020 confirm that sensory data is growing so fast that our ability to make sense of it is highly constrained. Olea offers its IoT “intelligent partitioning” architecture to locally generate, fuse and analyze multi-sensor data and to aggregate and further analyze multiple sensor data streams in the cloud. Performing primary sensor data analytics at the local sensor network level can reduce IoT data traffic by filtering, combining and analyzing unstructured local sensor data prior to streaming only the more meaningful, structured information to the cloud for secondary analysis and ultimate action. This leverages the power of multi-sensor networks for real-time applications by using far less cloud processing resources.

Olea recently added additional capabilities to its suite of analytic software that accompanies its OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition Platform. Olea is working with a major auto manufacturer to implement Olea’s latest sensor solution with “intelligent partitioning” for the auto maker’s “connected car” line, and the Olea sensor platform has much broader application. “We envision Olea’s sensor platform being used in many industries, including not only automotive for “connected car” but also health and fitness for “connected care” and security for identity access management. We see our unique platform being used in industrial, home and mobile settings, whether to enhance industrial worker safety or to aid people at home or when they are mobile or engage in recreational activities, whether to monitor their children or their own alertness or fitness or to transmit their vital sign data to family and first responders in the event of an accident,” explained Olea founder and CEO Frank Morese.

Olea’s demo during the 2015 CES will show its proximity sensor reading a human subject’s vital signs without making any contact with the subject and then displaying real-time actionable information on its cloud-based dashboard, which also has historical data reporting capabilities. These private demos will take place by appointment only in private meeting rooms conveniently located on the Las Vegas strip during the 2015 CES. To schedule a demo appointment,contact Frank Morese, Olea’s CEO.

Olea’s OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition Platform is currently available in limited supply for non-clinical research and development use, including field trials and testing. This sensor hub integrates a variety of sensors including the Olea HeartSensor™, which wirelessly captures a person’s unique heart signal.