Olea Sensor Networks unveiled its HeartSignature™, authentication technology which has the ability to accurately and continuously identify individuals with precision comparable to existing biometric authentication systems.

Other biometric systems in use today are not capable of continuous authentication. While they may identify and differentiate between individuals, this represents only a “snap-shot” of a person’s identity at the moment of access.  Olea’s HeartSignature enables continuous authentication, an additional, enhanced layer of security, by eliminating interruptions and “time-outs” and the need for passcodes. HeartSignture is of particular interest to most high-security, consumer, government and commercial markets including banking, security systems, insurance, automotive and consumer products such as personal computers and cell phones.

“Olea’s HeartSignature is unique among today’s authentication technologies in its ability to continuously authenticate a user and will revolutionize the way the world views and deploys security systems,” explainedFrank Morese, Olea CEO and Founder. “Your heart produces a pattern, absolutely unique to you which, when read and processed by Olea’s proprietary OS-3001 platform sensors and sensor algorithms results in a pattern, much like a signature which can identify you, as an individual, and do so without interruption for as long as required in order to maintain a secure session. Also, it will be able to assist authorities and first responders in critical situations such as search and rescue. The Olea HeartSignature builds on the capabilities of our highly advanced intelligent IoT sensor platform and IoT intelligent partitioning architecture, which is based on our proprietary embedded advanced algorithms and sensor analytic technologies.”

About Olea’s Intelligent Sensors and Analytic Software

The OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Platform, the flagship product launched in 2013 for non-clinical R&D use, is a handheld/wearable, wireless, intelligent, multi-sensor data acquisition platform, the size of a typical smartphone. It serves as a sensor hub with various on-board intelligent sensors. This feature-rich platform does not require direct contact with the subject and is designed for use with Olea’s sensor analytics software and, optionally, its cloud-based service solutions that take full advantage of Olea’s IoT Intelligent Partitioning Architecture. Olea’s HeartSignture technology further extends this Olea platform with increasingly advanced intelligent sensors and sensor networks.

About Olea

Olea Sensor Networks (incorporated as Olea Systems, Incorporated) develops intelligent sensors and analytic software that promise to revolutionize mobile and cloud-based service solutions for applications including connected car, connected care, smart home, identity access management, using the “Internet of Things” (IoT) machine–to–machine (M2M) communications infrastructure. Olea, Olea Sensor Networks, Olea HeartSensor, Olea HeartSignature, Olea Authentication Token, OAT, OleaVision, IoT Intelligent Partitioning Architecture and DrowseAlert are trademarks of Olea Systems, Incorporated. Other trademarks (registered or otherwise), names and brands may be claimed as the property of Olea Systems, Incorporated or by others.