Chirp and Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (UIB) have started a collaboration which includes the successful integration and testing of UIB’s UnificationEngine™ intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform with Chirp’s data-over-audio technology.

The partnership will allow fast, easy, and secure onboarding of residential, commercial, and government IoT devices. A prerequisite for mainstream user adoption of IoT, easy onboarding will determine which equipment, electronics, and device manufacturers are able to successfully capture the growing, multi-trillion-dollar IoT market.

Chirp’s technology encodes any kind of data into a unique audio stream. Any device with a speaker can transmit a Chirp™, and most devices with a microphone can decode it, making it ideal for machine to machine (M2M) communications.

UIB provides natural language communications (NLP) for IoT devices. People can communicate with their devices through the communications channels they already use, simplifying the onboarding process. The Chirp + UnificationEngine integration layer can be easily adapted and developed for smart home, smart enterprise, and smart city use cases across verticals including: energy, public transit, healthcare, waste/water management, home appliances, and consumer electronics.

According to Moran Lerner, Chirp’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, “The combination of our technologies is game-changing for the growing world of IoT. We have a vision of enabling any device to connect, interact, and share data with another, so when we came across Unified Inbox, we were blown away at how complementary their technology was to ours, and that they have developed such a simple yet powerful platform. This partnership fits to meet almost every demand in IoT.”

UIB Founder and Chief Executive Officer Toby Ruckert echoed Mr. Lerner’s remarks on the benefits of being able to securely and easily onboard IoT devices, “Despite the huge progress in IoT worldwide, interoperability and disparate platforms are a real issue. We designed UnificationEngine to overcome most of these issues, but we still wanted to make that last mile of the user’s onboarding experience shine. Our search was for that one technology that, when coupled with ours, would create a frictionless, end-to-end solution that bridges and overcomes the issues and pain points in the most seamless way possible. When we met and saw Chirp, the synergies between the two were incredible. There isn’t another sound-based technology anywhere near Chirp’s capabilities and ubiquity. They are the technology everyone speaks about and recommends, and the only technology proven in the real-world and used by millions of people – even in such mission-critical areas as atomic reactors. Working in both online and offline environments, like UnificationEngine, Chirp is a truly universal technology, and does not require devices to go through any prior handshake process before they can exchange data.”

Mr. Lerner added, “We share Mr. Ruckert’s excitement, and our companies share similar visions. We see enormous strategic benefits for our existing clients with UnificationEngine, as well as for the wider market. Onboarding IoT devices today is unacceptably difficult. This joint solution not only helps solve this and other compatibility issues, but it’s also pretty awesome. We’re thrilled to have found such a fantastic platform as UnificationEngine to complement our technology.”

Concluded Ruckert, “Sharing a mutual passion for how people engage and interact with technology, working with each other helps Chirp and UIB to better meet our customers’ needs for fast and easy onboarding without sacrificing security. Our common integration layer is just the start, and we are excited to continue to grow our partnership to explore further applications of Chirp’s most-trusted data-over-sound technologies, with UIB’s most-convenient intelligent IoT messaging platform. One of my favorite movies growing up was Star Wars, so it gives me great pleasure to see R2-D2’s famous ‘chirps’ now being used with our own invention to send data!”