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One Plus Corp., the leader in remote waste compactor monitoring systems and portfolio company of ParkerGale Capital, LP, announced it has acquired SmartBin, a global Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology and software company in the waste management and recycling sector.

Headquartered in Dublin, SmartBin develops and sells intelligent remote monitoring systems for the waste and recycling sectors primarily serving municipal, textile, cooking oil and commercial markets. SmartBin’s sensors use ultrasonic technology to monitor fill levels and its software solution offers a simple truck routing solution for logistics management. The company has deployed several thousand sensors to more than 100 customers located in over 25 countries and delivers savings of up to 50 percent to its customers by optimizing the collection and delivery process.

“With the acquisition of SmartBin, we’re not only able to expand our footprint globally, but our solution offering as well,” said Klaus Voss, OnePlus CEO. “SmartBin’s technology perfectly complements our own and will enable OnePlus to service smaller waste receptacles like bins, dumpsters and liquid containers, creating a one-stop solution for all waste management needs.”

SmartBin executives Brendan Walsh and Seamus Devitt will join CEO Klaus Voss and CFO Jay Alter as members of OnePlus’ executive team. Walsh will assume the role of President, responsible for sales for marketing initiatives for the combined company and as Chief of IoT, Devitt will lead next generation sensor strategy and development. Stan de Schepper will join OnePlus from SmartBin to assist ParkerGale’s Alan Williamson in ensuring both companies’ customers benefit from OnePlus’ recently upgraded, industry leading software platform.

“We know that the industrial Internet of Things is a rapidly growing market with significant potential,” said Kristina Heinze, Partner at ParkerGale. “The team at SmartBin shares in our vision of bringing transparency and efficiency to the waste management industry. With the addition of their impressive technology and experienced leadership team, we’re creating a world leader in the remote waste monitoring space.”

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