OnProcess Technology
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OnProcess Technology, a global pioneer in service supply chain management and optimization, has announced it will be a featured speaker at Managed Services World Congress, taking place September 27 – 28, 2016 in London, UK. Buddie Ceronie, the company’s VP of Business Development, EMEA, will discuss how businesses can leverage the IoT to dramatically boost efficiencies, drive profits and improve customer experience in the critical post-sale supply chain.

“The Internet of Things has the power to transform post-sale services, but most companies don’t know how to go about leveraging it, or what results are realistic for their business,” said Ceronie. “I look forward to showing attendees how IoT can drive much more accurate planning, streamline processes and slash costs in everything from parts and labor dispatch to customer triage to inventory management and asset recovery.”

In the session, “Leveraging IoT to Transform Post-Sales Services,” on September 28 at 2:40pm, Ceronie will also discuss results of new research by OnProcess and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which found that using by IoT data to predict machine failures, companies can reduce costly inventory stock while improving their ability to meet service levels.

For more information please visit www.onprocess.com.