Fantem, developer of innovative products and solutions for the home, has successfully raised $1 million during its ongoing Indiegogo campaign for its innovative smart home system, Oomi. Oomi offers users the ability to simply control and monitor their home’s lighting, ambiance, air quality, security, entertainment streaming and much more all from one sleek remote, the Oomi Touch. By reaching the $1 million mark so quickly, Fantem hopes to set a new record for crowdfunded smart home projects before the campaign ends in 37 days.

“We are both humbled and thrilled by the response Oomi has received”, says Winston Cheng, CEO of Fantem. “One million dollars has far surpassed our expectations and it is a validation of our belief that simplicity and user experience is key. We knew that a 30-day campaign would not suffice to tell the Oomi story. There’s still time yet in this campaign and we hope that fans of smart home will tune in.”

Oomi is built with leading technology and patent pending features that not only ensure easy set-up of all Oomi accessories, but also allow integration of other smart home devices. Additionally, unlike other smart home hubs, Oomi Cube provides unmatched functionality out of the box. It is packed with environmental sensors, a night vision IP camera, security detection, wireless control, and it’s the only one to feature a 360° IR blaster, perfect for home theatre and climate control.

Oomi also eliminates the need for an internet connection. Never again will users have to worry about their smart home going dark because their internet is down or a cloud server has been hacked. However, the system can also connect to the internet for more features like advanced security options.

“We found that the concept of a smart home can be confusing for the average consumer,” says Colin Marshall, Vice President of Fantem. “Most smart home devices overcomplicate something that is supposed to make your life easier, but simplicity is what differentiates Oomi. You can have a great smart home experience in less than five minutes thanks to our Tap-and-Touch technology. Just tap the Oomi Touch controller to any Oomi accessory and you’re ready to go.”

The campaign’s success has allowed Fantem to release several stretch goals including two new Tap and Touch devices to its line of accessories; an innovative open and close sensor for doors and windows, and Oomi Cam. Oomi Cam allows users to view live feeds of their home and features:

  • State-of-the-art passive infrared sensor (PIR)
  • Noise sensors, speakers and sirens
  • WiFi capabilities
  • TF Micro card slot

Current Oomi Indiegogo bundles include:

  • Basic Kit – Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch, plus the choice of one Oomi Z-wave accessory ($299)
  • Silver Kit – Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch and choice of four Oomi Z-Wave accessories ($389)
  • Gold Kit – Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch and three Oomi Z-Wave accessories, plus the choice of Oomi Streamer or Oomi Air ($459)
  • Platinum Kit – Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch, both Oomi premium accessories, and a choice of nine Oomi Z-wave accessories ($699)

Oomi Z-wave technology-enabled accessories include:

  • Oomi Multisensor: comprised of a motion, temperature, humidity and ambient light sensor, Oomi Multisensor can be mounted, recessed or placed on a shelf and is 70 percent smaller than leading sensors.
  • Oomi Plug: Wirelessly control home accessories and monitor energy consumption, all with a tiny 56mm x 56mm x 42mm wall outlet. The light band on Oomi Plug changes color to display energy use, offering real-time energy monitoring.
  • Oomi Bulb: Control light output, including shade, just by screwing in this RGB bulb. With the ability to render millions of colors, the Oomi Bulb offers brilliant color or white for perfect ambiance any time of the day or night.
  • Oomi Door and Window Sensor: Detect and notify, or automate a sequence when a door, window, cabinet or drawer is opened or closed.

Oomi premium accessories include:

  • Oomi Streamer: Plug the Oomi Streamer into a HDMI port and stream HD videos and movies or instantly access the internet.
  • Oomi Air: Monitor airborne pollutants to PM2.5 that pose risks to health.
  • Oomi Cam: HD WiFi camera with motion detection and night vision. Oomi Cam can be connected to an Oomi system with Tap-and-Touch, or used independently with a standalone app

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Fantem is a developer of innovative products and solutions for the home. It is dedicated to the worldwide consumer adoption of smart home technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) through the development of home automation solutions that remove the complexity and frustration associated with existing systems. Together with its global team of experts and partners, Fantem set out to create the first smart home management system that is not only the easiest to install, set-up, and use, but also the first smart home system that is actually smart. The result of this effort, Oomi, is set to revolutionize the future of home automation, not only by positively impacting upon multiple areas (home safety and security, home environment and home entertainment) of users’ home lives, but by also making it accessible to the everyone – “a system designed for the rest of us!” Fantem is based in Chicago with offices and strategic partners spanning four continents.