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The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) announced the availability an important update for developers that will help organizations swiftly navigate the OIC’s resources to quickly take advantage of the technologies and infrastructure developed, furthering standardization for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can only scale and be truly realized when all “things” are capable of interacting with each other regardless of their underlying technology. oneIoTa and OIC are the first to deliver on this promise.

“IoT puts a lot of pressure on developers to create applications that work seamlessly. IoT technologies can be tricky and difficult to implement in a real world use case,” said Mike Richmond, executive director at the Open Interconnect Consortium. “With this updated developer toolkit, the OIC is making the process significantly easier. As we continue to streamline specification development for the next generation of IoT-connected devices, this is an important step.”

The updated developer tool offering includes oneIoTa, which enables users to create simple models for any IoT device (using RAML and JSON) in a matter of minutes. These models are instantly compatible with the OIC RESTful architecture. Since the models are constructive (for example, a thermostat can be built from a thermometer, a set-temperature and a switch) arbitrarily complex devices (like a refrigerator) can be easily defined as a collection of existing models and interoperability is built-in. It contains the OIC resource models in both JSON and RAML formats.

Released along with oneIoTa is the API Designer console, a graphical, web based tool from MuleSoft that syncs with oneIoTa to document the APIs in a human friendly interactive console and make it easy to engage fellow application developers.

Both tools join the latest version of IoTivity, OIC’s reference implementation. The combined tools are a quick way for companies to gain the benefits of OIC’s common connectivity framework and are easily implemented into products.

The OIC is also excited to announce it has now reached 158 members, including two new board members from Arris and CableLabs, who will join executives from leading technology companies including Samsung, Intel, GE Digital and Cisco.

If you’re interested in seeing the IoTivity code in action, OIC will be hosting several demonstrations with products from the smart home and industrial vertical markets; and UPnP to IoTivity. In addition, we will be showing demonstrations with our liaison partners including EEBus, the EnOcean Alliance and the ULE Alliance. Be sure to stop and see us during Mobile World Congress at booth Hall 8.0 stand8.0C35.

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