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Everything You Need to Know About IoT for 2019

Among consumers and professionals, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an increasingly hot topic. This innovation could change the way that we live and work. However, there are some who are...

IoT For the Office: Become More Productive and Focused

The notifications and information overload in our modern world can make it difficult to get things done. Our attention is so fragmented that we have trouble focusing and being productive. Time...
tech is revolutionizing business

Advertising’s Transformation: How Tech is Revolutionizing Digital Media

Years ago, print advertising was the be-all and end-all of marketing. Today, it’s gone through enormous change, and it’s only one piece of digital marketing. Advertising is by no means dead--but...

Smart Contract Platforms to keep an eye upon

  Just like every other flourishing technology, smart contracts are showing its impact on different forms of businesses. The traits which these smart contract platforms possess are that of clarity, efficiency, scalability,...
Big data marketing

4 Ways Big Data Is Changing PR and Marketing

Big data systems are changing the way the world’s enterprises operate, and how they do PR and marketing. Although the impact made by the technology is tremendous, it’s still in its...

4 Ways Technology is Changing How We Live

Technology has always driven change in lifestyle, culture, and work. As new technology comes in, some jobs disappear and new jobs take their place. Over the last several decades, our technological...

3 Ways IoT Is Changing Social Media

Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming what it means to be social and seen online. With the increase in connectivity and the ability to be connected to...

How IoT & Big Data Can Improve Civil Infrastructure

Civil engineers are increasingly relying on data gathered from a massive information network to keep United States infrastructures functioning and safe. As an example, although bridges are inanimate objects, the factors...

3 Ways IoT Is Changing the Food Industry

There’s a need in America for accessible, healthy food. Technology is facilitating new research, generating more data and improving the food industry, and with the latest innovations, more people have quicker...

How Higher Education Can Help You Advance Your Technical Skills

What once was exclusively a source of entertainment for consumers is now an integral part of modern living. Consumers and businesses rely heavily on technology, and a significant segment of the...