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Putting Patients First With the Help of IoT and Big Data

Everywhere you look, something is connected to the internet and data is being stored for later use.   For example, driving on the turnpike has changed. You no longer have to hand...

IoT & Healthcare: 5 Insights on the Emerging Partnership

We live in a time where everyone is connected to some kind of smart device. Almost everywhere you go, you will almost always see someone texting on their phone, posting photographs...
teaching code

4 Reasons Games are the Best Tools for Teaching Code

It’s becoming clearer and clearer: we need to be teaching code to kids from a young age. Computers and technology are woven into our lives, and children attending elementary schools have...

How IoT & Automation Can Help Businesses & Governments Succeed in 2018

Technology, many people have a love/hate relationship with it. Some people are eager to let technology into every aspect of their lives, especially if it helps with things like automation or...

How to Avoid Having Your IoT Devices Enslaved in a Botnet

With all the hoopla surrounding various forms of malware attacks like DDoS attacks, spear phishing, ransomware, rootkits, worms, viruses, and much, MUCH more, it might surprise you to know that while...
Z-Wave Smart Home

How Z-Wave Helps Bring Your Smart Home Together

One of the driving forces of smart home technology is Z-wave. Z-wave is one of the most popular home automation protocols, and it is used in a wide array of devices...

CompTIA: Six Tech Themes to Watch in 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) will stake out a larger role; a greater emphasis will be placed on the user experience with technology; and protecting personal data and information will become more critical...

Cloudera: 2018 IoT Predictions

When it comes to IoT, will hybrid analytics prevail? According to Dave Shuman, IoT & Manufacturing Leader at Cloudera, in 2018 two major shifts will happen with regard to IoT. Shuman...
mobile apps for conversions

How to Leverage Mobile Apps for Greater Conversions In-Store

Competition in the retail sector is fierce, with each brand fighting to adapt, attract more customers, and keep up with developments in technology. With the major increase in popularity of ecommerce,...
iot devices

4 IoT Devices That Are Perfect Christmas Gifts

Whether a fan of cold weather or not, winter is soon approaching meaning that the holiday season is just around the corner. Obviously, everyone has probably wondered what devices they are...