Saturday, January 16, 2021


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Cloudera: 2018 IoT Predictions

When it comes to IoT, will hybrid analytics prevail? According to Dave Shuman, IoT & Manufacturing Leader at Cloudera, in 2018 two major shifts will happen with regard to IoT. Shuman...
VMWare IoT

VMware paves a path towards IoT expansion

IoT has been popular since the advent of the Internet, but, still, its true potential is yet to be experienced. IT vendors are putting their foot forward into the field of...

Adext Reveals 6 Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales This Christmas

With the arrival of December, stores and e-commerce sites expect the increase in sales that this holiday season provides. After Black Friday, there are many consumers who take advantage of these...

Data Breach Predictions: The Trends to Shape 2018

Today's organizations face a cyber security landscape that is more difficult to navigate than ever before. To shed light on what lies ahead and help businesses better prepare for emerging threats,...

The Future’s Next Mega-Trend is Here as Smart Companies Embrace the Industrial Internet of...

Famed inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla believed, "The future of our problems does not lie in destroying, but in mastering the machine." This insightful comment published in a 1935 edition of...

A Look at 2018’s Hottest Tech Companies

America is being held hostage.  Not by a foreign power. Not by terrorism. But by a national infrastructure system that is dangerously close to collapse.  Included in today's commentary:  Cisco Sytems,...

The Hottest Tech Sector in 2018

Big data is transforming the world in ways that humans never believed was possible, with the latest breakthroughs aimed at saving billions of dollars and thousands of lives. It's the difference...
mobile apps for conversions

How to Leverage Mobile Apps for Greater Conversions In-Store

Competition in the retail sector is fierce, with each brand fighting to adapt, attract more customers, and keep up with developments in technology. With the major increase in popularity of ecommerce,...
iot devices

4 IoT Devices That Are Perfect Christmas Gifts

Whether a fan of cold weather or not, winter is soon approaching meaning that the holiday season is just around the corner. Obviously, everyone has probably wondered what devices they are...
Smart Factory

Industry 4.0: Moving towards the factories of the future

As digital manufacturing is taking over the traditional manufacturing operations, industries have attained a technical benchmark that seemed unattainable before. With the introduction of the Industrial “Internet of Things”, the manufacturing...