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2015 Mobile Trends

Enterprise Mobility End-to-End Solutions Provider Releases 2015 Top Ten Mobile Trends Report

Larry Page, CEO of Google, was recently quoted as saying, "We are no longer in a mobile-first world, we are in a mobile-only world." As a leading provider of end-to-end mobility...

Mike Wilmot talks IoT and Machine Learning

Love the fact that the folks at Microsoft are placing a lot of emphasis on Machine Learning: One important aspect of this IoT architecture is the use of powerful machine learning algorithms....

US Senate Letter on IoT – The Start of Something Good?!?!?

Does this look familiar? Keywords like "technical standards are needed", "efficiently communicate", "barriers to entry" and "federal coordination among agencies" - it's the early days of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) all...
iot devices

4 IoT Devices That Are Perfect Christmas Gifts

Whether a fan of cold weather or not, winter is soon approaching meaning that the holiday season is just around the corner. Obviously, everyone has probably wondered what devices they are...

WINDOWS Internet of Things

Have you seen Microsoft's new video entitled Windows Internet of Things? Windows has been powering the Internet of Things (IoT) for years. Powering devices and making the difficult look easy. The Internet of...
Minerva NEMOSY

IoT applied to machines used in the food industry

Developing an add-on to offer a value added service to Minerva Omega Group food machines. This was the challenge that Minerva Omega Group - the Italian company specializing in designing and developing...

How IoT & Big Data Can Improve Civil Infrastructure

Civil engineers are increasingly relying on data gathered from a massive information network to keep United States infrastructures functioning and safe. As an example, although bridges are inanimate objects, the factors...

New Research: Customer Experience in the Internet of Things

Want to read something concrete about the Internet of Things? You know, something more than what you find day in and day out on the internet - a bunch of theory...
Top 5 IoT Devices

Top 5 IoT Devices and Consumer Trends for 2017

  While most people like the idea of the IoT, adoption continues to be slow, especially among consumers. Use of the IoT has been ramping up in various industries, as many technologies...
Porsche Telematics

Automatic, meet Porsche

Sometimes, we all get caught up in the wow, how cool is this IoT device - everyone will want it! hype. Sure, the products are beautifully designed, with meticulous attention to detail....