Friday, May 29, 2020


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3 Ways IoT Is Changing the Food Industry

There’s a need in America for accessible, healthy food. Technology is facilitating new research, generating more data and improving the food industry, and with the latest innovations, more people have quicker...
RSA Security

Internet of Things and Security

The Internet of Things has the exciting potential to change our lives by keeping us connected to useful information at all times. It’s estimated that 5.5 million new objects join the...
IoT - Internet of Things Sep 11 – Sep 17 Week in Review

Welcome to another edition of's Week in Review. As always, our company strives to provide you with the most up-to-date information 100% focused on the Internet of Things. Before we dive in,...

Adext Reveals 6 Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales This Christmas

With the arrival of December, stores and e-commerce sites expect the increase in sales that this holiday season provides. After Black Friday, there are many consumers who take advantage of these...

A Guide: First steps in Neural Networks

We are close, really close, with our Neural Network for InteliAthlete.  While working on the platform, our own Max will share his journey along the way... His first post is a simple...
Nest Smart Home

An Appeal for More Smart Home Companies to Integrate

The surging trend of smart home automation has led to new companies and connected products emerging on a daily basis. At, we’re constantly on the lookout for new systems and...

Cloudera: 2018 IoT Predictions

When it comes to IoT, will hybrid analytics prevail? According to Dave Shuman, IoT & Manufacturing Leader at Cloudera, in 2018 two major shifts will happen with regard to IoT. Shuman...
Mobile World Congress

Your IoT Guide for the Mobile World Congress 2016: What to expect!

Every year the GSMA Mobile World Congress gathers professionals from the tech world under the same roof and offers everyone the great opportunity of showcasing all of their hot devices &...

The Hottest Tech Sector in 2018

Big data is transforming the world in ways that humans never believed was possible, with the latest breakthroughs aimed at saving billions of dollars and thousands of lives. It's the difference...
tech is revolutionizing business

Advertising’s Transformation: How Tech is Revolutionizing Digital Media

Years ago, print advertising was the be-all and end-all of marketing. Today, it’s gone through enormous change, and it’s only one piece of digital marketing. Advertising is by no means dead--but...