Monday, July 6, 2020


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Neural Networks

First steps in Neural Networks

A simple guide for the clueless programmer that doesn’t know fancy terminology Why another tutorial? I noticed a high level of intellectual snobbism in pretty much all tutorials about high-end technologies. Those writing...

Will the IoT drive Biometric Technologies to Mainstream Markets?

In the workplace and in the consumer market, the IoT (or ‘Internet of Things’) is one of the hottest topics around, especially with the rise in the usage and consumption of...
Mobile World Congress

Your IoT Guide for the Mobile World Congress 2016: What to expect!

Every year the GSMA Mobile World Congress gathers professionals from the tech world under the same roof and offers everyone the great opportunity of showcasing all of their hot devices &...
azure iot hub

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub generally available

Look what just showed up in my mailbox: Microsoft Azure IoT Hub provides a secured way to connect, provision, monitor, update, and send commands to devices—allowing you to control millions of Internet...

Check out Ikea’s Smart Kitchen

Impressive vision by Ikea, with a 10 year (realistic) deliverable timeline!

Mike Wilmot talks IoT and Machine Learning

Love the fact that the folks at Microsoft are placing a lot of emphasis on Machine Learning: One important aspect of this IoT architecture is the use of powerful machine learning algorithms....
microsoft azure architecture blueprints

Azure Architecture Blueprints – Thank You Microsoft

Came via email, so THANKS Microsoft! Designed to help one build real-world Azure solutions faster, Azure Architectural blueprints provide a repository of scenario-based diagrams available in 2-D, 3-D and video. Whether you’re...
Amazon AWS

Out of beta, AWS IoT Generally Available

Jeff Barr, whom I've known for quite some time now from different conferences (yes, even before Amazon was what you know Amazon for today) announced on December 18 the beta period to...
Firefox OS

Firefox OS – IoT and Connected Devices

Earlier this week, Mozilla decided to end its ambitious entry into the smartphone race. When you realize your devices will never gain significant market traction, what should you do next? Simple...

DHS: Securing the Internet of Things

If you've clicked around the portal, you've probably noticed that we are a Miami, FL based company that qualifies as a Veteran Owned Small Business. Having honorably served in the United States...