Wednesday, July 17, 2019


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Minerva NEMOSY

IoT applied to machines used in the food industry

Developing an add-on to offer a value added service to Minerva Omega Group food machines. This was the challenge that Minerva Omega Group - the Italian company specializing in designing and developing...
azure machine learning

Microsoft announces the general availability of Machine Learning

Now generally available, Azure Machine Learning offers cloud-based advanced analytics designed to simplify and streamline machine learning for business. Users can model their way, with best in class algorithms from Xbox...
2015 Mobile Trends

Enterprise Mobility End-to-End Solutions Provider Releases 2015 Top Ten Mobile Trends Report

Larry Page, CEO of Google, was recently quoted as saying, "We are no longer in a mobile-first world, we are in a mobile-only world." As a leading provider of end-to-end mobility...

Seen the last Azure announcement by Microsoft – focus is DEFINITELY on IoT

On Friday, Microsoft sent out an email with the latest Azure enhancements/add-ons: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Azure HDInsight now queries Azure blobs faster and includes Apache HBase as a beta feature Microsoft Azure HDInsight, the Hadoop-based service,...
Porsche Telematics

Automatic, meet Porsche

Sometimes, we all get caught up in the wow, how cool is this IoT device - everyone will want it! hype. Sure, the products are beautifully designed, with meticulous attention to detail....
IoT Urinal

Advertising and the Internet-of-Things: Urinal

Talk about timing... Today Mashable published something called Advertising's Next Frontier: The Internet of Everything. Yes, the refrigerator has a pretty LCD screen and can scan for missing groceries, alerting you to pick...