Saturday, July 4, 2020


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How IoT & Automation Can Help Businesses & Governments Succeed in 2018

Technology, many people have a love/hate relationship with it. Some people are eager to let technology into every aspect of their lives, especially if it helps with things like automation or...

Big Data Can Lead to Big Problems

The billions of bits and bytes that make virtual government services, information sharing and even shopping easier also open the doors for adversaries to gather intelligence that aids their nefarious pursuits....

IHS Markit Identifies Top Trends Driving the Internet of Things in 2018 and Beyond

Driven by the need for intelligent connected devices in industrial and commercial applications, the number of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices globally will grow to more than 31 billion in...

Get X-Ray View with MINI Augmented Vision

I am a PROUD owner (very proud actually) of a Mini Cooper Convertible. People think I'm joking when I openly admit loving to drive the Mini over the Porsche Cayenne, but...
Big Data Talent

How to Approach the Big Data Talent Shortage

Want to hire a big data team? So does everyone else. As a fast-growing field that gives companies a competitive edge, focusing on big data is a great business strategy. Unfortunately,...

How to Avoid Having Your IoT Devices Enslaved in a Botnet

With all the hoopla surrounding various forms of malware attacks like DDoS attacks, spear phishing, ransomware, rootkits, worms, viruses, and much, MUCH more, it might surprise you to know that while...

The Future’s Next Mega-Trend is Here as Smart Companies Embrace the Industrial Internet of...

Famed inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla believed, "The future of our problems does not lie in destroying, but in mastering the machine." This insightful comment published in a 1935 edition of...
IoT - Internet of Things Nov 6 – Nov 12 Week in Review

The second week of November is now in the books, as is the US election. Since the new president elect ran a campaign heavily emphasizing an increase in jobs, will there be...
teaching code

4 Reasons Games are the Best Tools for Teaching Code

It’s becoming clearer and clearer: we need to be teaching code to kids from a young age. Computers and technology are woven into our lives, and children attending elementary schools have...

SensorHub – A Universal Gateway for the Internet of Things

I recently sat down with Jim Ackerly, CEO and founder of SensorHub to get a little more information about the company: CS: Jim, what exactly is SensorHub? JA: The IoT is a huge industry...