Wednesday, October 5, 2022


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Get X-Ray View with MINI Augmented Vision

I am a PROUD owner (very proud actually) of a Mini Cooper Convertible. People think I'm joking when I openly admit loving to drive the Mini over the Porsche Cayenne, but...

How to Avoid Having Your IoT Devices Enslaved in a Botnet

With all the hoopla surrounding various forms of malware attacks like DDoS attacks, spear phishing, ransomware, rootkits, worms, viruses, and much, MUCH more, it might surprise you to know that while...
Mobile World Congress

Your IoT Guide for the Mobile World Congress 2016: What to expect!

Every year the GSMA Mobile World Congress gathers professionals from the tech world under the same roof and offers everyone the great opportunity of showcasing all of their hot devices &...

4 Ways Technology is Changing How We Live

Technology has always driven change in lifestyle, culture, and work. As new technology comes in, some jobs disappear and new jobs take their place. Over the last several decades, our technological...
IoT In Popular Vehicles

The IoT In Popular Vehicles

Recently we took a look at the IoT as it relates to transportation. We touched on connected cars, automobiles as sensors, connected infrastructure, and a few more specific factors. In this...

Simplify IoT Development – myDevices and Arduino Partnership

There is nothing wrong with being a "just software" guy or gal in the IoT world. If you're like me and hardware is not something you like to tinker with, but...

CompTIA: Six Tech Themes to Watch in 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) will stake out a larger role; a greater emphasis will be placed on the user experience with technology; and protecting personal data and information will become more critical...

Will the IoT drive Biometric Technologies to Mainstream Markets?

In the workplace and in the consumer market, the IoT (or ‘Internet of Things’) is one of the hottest topics around, especially with the rise in the usage and consumption of...

Monetization of data among key trends in Internet of Things in 2018

Monetization of data collected from networked IoT devices, convergence of multiple disruptive technologies and standards, and network edge processing are among the key trends for 2018 according to the EY IoT...

The Hottest Tech Sector in 2018

Big data is transforming the world in ways that humans never believed was possible, with the latest breakthroughs aimed at saving billions of dollars and thousands of lives. It's the difference...