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OPPLE LIGHTING, China’s leading lighting brand, has lately signed up Smart Home Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huawei, the global leader of telecommunication equipment suppliers and smart phone manufacturers. By establishing smart home system with cutting-edge technologies, the agreement opened up a new chapter of cross-boundary cooperation at strategic level for both sides. Mr. Wang Yaohai, Opple board director, Ms. Ma Xiuhui, Opple president and Mr. Shao Yang, CSO of Huawei Consumer Business Group were present to witness the important moment that would shape the future.

As the leading lighting brand in China, Opple has been sparing no effort providing consumers with quality and healthy lighting experience; while Huawei, as a global leading telecommunication brand, is strong in “connectivity.” With the concerted efforts and the leading technologies of respective areas from the two giants, interconnection and intercommunication shall be realized in the true sense; and there would be breakthroughs in improving the compatibility of communication protocols and the convenience of operation, which has long been the bottleneck for smart home development.

Opple will release a whole new range of smart lighting products integrated with Hilink protocol to meet the different lighting challenges and control requirements in applications like living room, bedroom and study, which also allows interactions with other recreational devices to create healthy, comfortable and romantic atmosphere at home. In future, it is even possible to realize light switch and remote dimming control by voice command or gesture via Huawei mobile terminals such as smart phones, so that consumers can easily enjoy intelligent lighting in life.

The development of Internet of Things (IoT) has been rapidly breaking the boundaries of industries, shaking the traditional commercial model and changing people’s life. Smart lighting is just the beginning of smart life. Only by realizing interaction between devices of light, entertainment and security by scenarios settings can Smart Home bring greater value to consumers. This strategic cooperation with Huawei indicates that Opple Lighting is attempting to break industry boundaries by seeking various partnerships across different industries to build an open eco-system and platform, on which the extensive cooperation between partners would eventually offer consumers with the ultimate convenience brought about by smart technologies and a new lifestyle that is intelligent in the true sense.

“The omnipresent light is the most convenient and efficient means for IoT in homes. The cross-boundary cooperation of ‘connectivity’ power between Opple and Huawei is the rewarding exploration to improve the lighting experience for consumers; furthermore, it signifies the grand beginning of the blueprint for Opple ‘Smart Home,’” said Mr. Wang Yaohai.

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