Pace International and TrustHab have formed a strategic partnership which will enable Pace to effectively market the TrustHab platform. TrustHab is a Facilities IoT Management Solution that provides centralized control over multiple smart devices within a community, enabling staff to proactively tend to maintenance issues, reduce man-hours and increase property NOI. Pace International is a successful distribution company of video, cellular, cable management, data solutions and hardware that provides added-value services for each of their customers’ unique business solutions.

Through this partnership Pace will have the ability to extend and promote the TrustHab Solution to new and existing clients, offering an array of benefits from both property and operator standpoints. For properties, the platform empowers managers to remotely identify and manage vacant units, reduce costs associated with utilities and maintenance, promote smart home features as part of a value-add for residents, and efficiently manage heating and cooling within units.

For Pace integrators, the Solution provides hardware and installation opportunities, implementation of ongoing maintenance agreements, proactive reporting to property ownership groups, and the flexibility to offer a smart home service with a platform.

“We’ve positioned our platform to focus on the changing needs of the MDU industry and kept ourselves open to be able to easily integrate new and emerging technologies as they arrive. We’ve worked hard to future-proof our platform, meaning we’re nimble enough to integrate new devices and communication types quickly, as well as maximize the capabilities of the devices that are available to us today. We are excited to enter this partnership with Pace, it opens up many new doors for us and allows us to offer the benefits of our Solution to companies on a much wider scale,” said Juan M. Gomez, CEO of Cima Group.

“We are excited to partner with TrustHab on Facilities-based IoT. We continue to look for value-added services that help our customers differentiate themselves in a changing technology world. By adding TrustHab, our partners truly have an end to end solution in MDU markets that is applicable today and expandable in the future,” said Opie Williams, President of Pace International.

The two companies officially entered into this partnership on 2/3/2020.