PassKit’s GemTot proximity beacons launched on 5 March, and were among the first units to fully comply with Apple’s Proximity Beacon specification.

Paul Tomes, Co-Founder and CEO, said, “Many of our clients use our GemTot Beacons to deliver a new level of intimate, proximity based services, so it’s important our user base knows we support the latest official iBeacon™ licensed technology standards and always will.”

The GemTot USB Proximity Beacon, in particular, sports several new features that are not available from other providers including the faster broadcasting frequency, ability to specify UUIDs before purchase, seamless integration with any third party apps and free from software lock-down.

Please visit the PassKit Proximity Services Resources Centre for more information.

The Apple iBeacon technology certification is especially important for the developer community because it means apps can support two-way communications with the GemTot Proximity Beacon; not only today but also in the future.

GemTots use iBeacon licensed technology and is especially important for the developer community because it means the code that they write will be compatible with Apple’s iOS devices; not only today but also in the future.

“PassKit developers are already using our SDK to embed support for iBeacon technology into their applications. Consumers can look forward to some very cool adventures in the coming months,” said Nick Murray, Chief Technical Officer of PassKit. “PassKit was the first company to release an SDK for Passbook and Samsung Wallet integration across the web and point of sales systems. Providing hardware and a comprehensive SDK to capitalise on the enormous potential of iBeacon licensed technology integration is a natural extension of our offering. We remain dedicated to supporting the latest devices and providing an affordable, easy to use operating system to connect the Internet of Things.”

PassKit’s GemTot devices with iBeacon technology are available as USB-powered, or soon to be available, waterproof battery-powered versions. They are fully configurable over-the-air with no restrictions on UUID or major/minor indicators.

GemTot Proximity Beacons are immediately available and ship worldwide from PassKit’s online store and distribution partners. Registered PassKit Partners and Developers will be able to download the SDK directly from their Account Management Page.

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