PCTEL, Inc. just announced the expansion of its IIoT portfolio with its new wireless communication sensor platform.

The integrated wireless communication sensor platform includes a battery-powered wireless sensor endpoint for easy installation, a sensor and communication board for easy integration, and a development kit for application specific customization. The platform offers multiple radio connectivity options, including cellular, LoRa, Bluetooth 5, and NFC, as well as 802.15.4 protocols. The platform also includes several sensors to monitor a variety of physical conditions, including air quality, temperature, relative humidity, acceleration, angular rate of change, magnetic field, range, and sound.

“Robust wireless connectivity and sensing capabilities are crucial for remote monitoring, control and automation of IIoT systems. Our new platform addresses the need for a flexible product line that can support application specific customization and integration capabilities required by the IIoT ecosystem,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s Chief Operating Officer. “PCTEL brings strong RF design, electronics integration, and mechanical design capabilities to address the IIoT system deployment requirements in transportation, utilities, and industrial process automation applications,” added Bharadwaj.