Pebby’s smart robotic pet sitter system, which allows pet owners to monitor, interact with and entertain their furry loved ones anytime, anywhere in the world, will start shipping late Q1 2018 (MSRP: $249 USD) after a highly successful Kickstarter (Goal: $50K / Raise: $500K+) campaign in 2017 with 15,000 pre-orders from crowdfunding backers and commercial distributors. At CES 2018, Pebby will be in the Sands Expo, Hall G, Booth 51122 to show off updates to the product and talk about its plans for introducing a complete pet care ecosystem in the coming year.

The Pebby “ball,” which can be remotely controlled via the Pebby companion app (for iOS and Android), houses a 1080p wide-angle video camera and four powerful lithium-ion batteries to empower pet parents to watch, interact with and capture their pet’s cutest, candid moments in real-time (live footage streams to the Pebby app).

Via its accurate 3-dimensional control systems and dual independent suspension, the Pebby ball remains stabilized at all times. Made in a pet-friendly size (80mm in diameter), Pebby features an interchangeable/multi-design inner casing, built-in LED lights for “Night Vision” Mode and LED glow rims. It also houses built-in speakers and a laser toy that is safe for humans and pets.

“We created a holistic pet-care system that delivers complete peace of mind to pet owners and we are proud to deliver the product to consumers and Kickstarter backers in Q1 2018,” said Hansen Goh, co-founder & CEO, Pebby. “Pebby allows pet owners to engage with their pets no matter where they are, capturing candid images, while also being in control and having a product that keeps their pets entertained while home.”

Pebby also includes an array of entertainment functions accessible via the Pebby app. Users can set Pebby on “Auto Play” mode while they watch their pets play, or can take charge remotely and indulge in playtime with their pet(s). With the app, users can change LED colors and customize advanced settings like maximum speed and linear/angular acceleration. Users receive alerts on their smartphones whenever their pet starts playing with Pebby, or upon detecting barking sounds.

Pebby App“Pebby is designed to receive software updates (a free service to all Pebby owners) that will improve the overall experience,” Hansen added. “We will be upgrading Pebby wirelessly to introduce new features such as auto-navigating to the wireless charging kennel as well as auto play behaviors like Auto-Follow and Auto-Repel.”