Penteon Corporation recently announced a new initiative to develop custom industrial sensing solutions for locomotives, rail cars and track-side equipment in partnership with Wabtec Corporation. Leveraging Penteon’s electronic sensor development, telecommunications gateway infrastructure and enterprise cloud expertise, the initiative will open a new era in low-cost, highly-secure rail sector services.

Global demand in the transportation sector continues to outpace supply and is recognized as a key area for economic growth.  Aging rail systems and lack of real-time data collection have become limiting factors in addressing this increasing demand.  In most countries today, rail executives are being mandated to build rail systems that are smarter, more efficient and safer.  Embracing new technologies to acquire and analyze information across their operations and using that information to become more efficient and effective will deliver a more responsive and agile operating environment to rail operators.

The solutions planned for development by Penteon and Wabtec include data collection from rail equipment and systems to develop a real-time, holistic view on the health and status of locomotives, rail cars, and track-side systems.  This project capitalizes on the more than 25 years of remote sensing engineering within Penteon and will deliver cost effective, secure and efficient solutions leveraging Penteon’s unique “Sensing as a Service” business model.

“This unique project demonstrates Penteon’s ability to rapidly build custom electronic sensors and deliver secure encrypted data communications from mobile assets regardless of their global location.  Penteon’s new, low-power, long-range wireless network, which it is building in partnership with Landmark Infrastructure Partners, will also play a key role in delivering reliable cost-effective services,” said Clay Perreault, Chief Executive Officer of Penteon.  “Our work with Wabtec is a truly collaborative, consultative relationship, which involves dedication from both parties.  By working side-by-side with our customers, we’re able to drive the best outcomes at an accelerated pace.”