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PFP Cybersecurity, a provider of an IoT platform to ensure trust, announced it has teamed with Wistron Corporation, a major original design manufacturer, as an ODM/OEM partner and to provide PFP technology to Wistron’s current and future customers.

PFP’s advanced solutions detect anomalies from supply chain, tinsider tampering and continuous attacks from cradle to grave. Steven Chen, PFP CEO, says, “In the future everything will be attacked. How does one protect a device with limited resources against hardware, firmware, configuration and data hacks during the whole life cycle?”

PFP’s solution, with power usage analytics and machine learning, is cloud based and can be distributed using the Zynq SOC device. PFP’s solution protects against cyber-attacks that threaten any IoT connected device including data centers, medical equipment, power grids, cars, mobile devices, as well as, any other smart device.

“Wistron is excited to be part of PFP’s cutting edge cybersecurity solution,” said WK Liu, Chief of Integrated Application Solution Business, Consumer & Smart Products Business group at Wistron, “we are looking forward to applying the PFP solution to benefit our current and future ODM customers.”

“The highly innovative PFP solution addresses the need for intelligence at the edge to detect zero-day attacks. PFP’s solution effectively leverages the high performance processing for heterogeneous sensor fusion with real time analytics that Zynq SoC technology provides for attack detection and remediation to address both physical security and cybersecurity,” said Lawrence Getman, Xilinx Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Ecosystems.

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