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At HIMSS 2016, Royal Philips introduced its newest connected digital health solutions and services to support healthcare organizations in the transformation towards value-based, patient-centered care models. With the formal opening of its first North American HealthSuite Labs innovation center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Philips will provide health systems a dedicated environment to design cutting edge programs for population health management.

Philips also announced the debut of CareCatalyst, a developer bundle of platform services and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to drive the realization of digital propositions to enhance collaborative care between health consumers and healthcare providers. CareCatalyst breaks down data silos, collecting and connecting personal health data, consumer and medical device data, and healthcare organizations’ electronic health records, enabling closer collaborations between patients, their providers and caregivers.

Since its introduction in 2014, Philips has progressively built out the HealthSuite platform as a digital enabler for the next generation of personal health offerings and clinical applications with an expanded portfolio of cloud-based digital solutions and services. Philips continues to enhance the capabilities of the platform itself, while growing its collaborative ecosystem of industry leaders and innovative start-ups to expand the breadth of its connected health technology solutions.

“Many healthcare providers are about to or have already embarked on population health programs to improve the health of people at-risk by moving care closer to patients,  transforming from a reactive to a proactive model focused on health and prevention, as well as treating illness,” said Jeroen Tas, CEO, Connected Care and Health Informatics, Philips. “Successful population health management comes with overcoming challenges and barriers, ranging from change management to technology integration. HealthSuite Labs and CareCatalyst are important contributions in our mission to deliver integrated solutions and services to help health systems in their transformation to value-based care.”

Debut of Philips HealthSuite Labs in North America
The North American Philips HealthSuite Labs will be co-located with the Philips Research headquarters facility inCambridge, Massachusetts, building on its research alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the region’s rich innovation heritage. HealthSuite Labs is established to facilitate the collaboration between healthcare providers and multidisciplinary care teams, along with patients and Philips healthcare transformation experts, to deliver integrated care solutions. These collaborations will work to address fundamental care issues and health IT challenges by leveraging design thinking and agile methodologies, as well as the latest digital technologies and clinical reasoning.

CareCatalyst developer bundle
The CareCatalyst developer bundle simplifies the development of HealthSuite digital platform enabled applications by third-party commercial and hospital-based developers. Its open APIs facilitate access to a broad range of health data and faster development of applications to support different models of care delivery from consumer-centric care to population health management.

Growing ecosystem of technology leaders
To further strengthen its HealthSuite-powered connected health strategy, Philips is carefully crafting a comprehensive network of leading technology companies with a shared vision to create a secure, high-performance and cloud-based infrastructure to transform healthcare and realize truly connected and personalized health.

  • Validic provides seamless connectivity and interoperability of a large range of third-party medical and consumer devices and apps;
  • Hitachi Data Systems provides capabilities in information protection, consolidation, archiving and search, and flexible data management, to provide a future-proof universal data management solution that supports anytime, anywhere access to medical imaging and digital health records across the enterprise in less than 3 seconds;
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides more than 50 cloud services, ranging from compute to data storage to Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to cloud-based disaster recovery services and more;
  • Salesforce and Philips announced a strategic alliance in 2014 and have collaborated with university medical centers on care coordination and chronic disease management. Now with the release of Salesforce Health Cloud, the two companies are collaborating on new solutions that put patients back at the center of care.

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