PINC Solutions, the world’s #1 provider of enterprise yard management solutions, today announces the availability of Enterprise Visibility Suite Version 4.

PINC’s cloud-based platform collects real-time data from its extensive sensor network of more than 100,000 devices and customer data feeds, for the operational tracking and management of millions of trailer journeys annually. This machine-to-machine data interchange is driving the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a facilitator of smarter supply chains. This data is aggregated in the Enterprise Visibility Suite, enabling Logistics Managers to optimize their supply chain execution across their enterprise and their trading partner’s networks.

Built on the foundation created by PINC’s Advanced Yard Management System, Enterprise Visibility Suite aggregates operational sensor data to provide:

  •     Centralized command and control for asset visibility and status
  •     System of record for all trailer, shipment-related activities
  •     Trailer pool management across an enterprise
  •     End-to-end analytics of shipment dwell times, across locations
  •     Real-time visibility and status of what is transacting across a network, available to all related trading parties
  •     Set, measure, compare and optimize performance KPIs across a network of facilities
  •     Enable process improvement across all enterprise locations and into extended partner network

“I now have a simple, powerful, and centralized view of KPI-based best practice compliance in real-time across all of my facilities,” said a Logistics Manager at a leading retailer. “At a glance I can see shipments that are approaching their departure times and take action before customers are impacted.”

“This innovation in supply chain management, harnesses the power of our extensive sensor network,” stated Matt Yearling, PINC’s CEO. “Our industry leading customers rely on PINC‘s solutions to achieve operational excellence across their facilities.”

About PINC Solutions 
The world’s leading brands use PINC yard management and supply chain execution solutions for across Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, and Transportation industries. PINC’s cloud-based services allow organizations to orchestrate and optimize supply chain execution across their extended trading partner networks.

PINC is the market leader in delivering real-time location based yard management systems utilizing an extensive Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network, including RFID and GPS technologies. PINC’s latest solutions extend this capability by offering enhanced visibility and collaboration enabling customers to reduce costs, optimize inventory management, increase velocity and improve asset utilization.