PLAT.ONE, the first Enterprise-Grade Application platform for IoT and M2M, announced today that it has established its new global headquarters in Palo Alto, California. This move will complement its core European presence, while allowing it to better support its customers, and provide greater alignment with strategic partners in Silicon Valley and across the Americas.

Since 2011, PLAT.ONE has been deployed across major telecoms and industrial customers powering over 200,000 connected industrial devices. It is the platform of choice for major telecoms, industrial equipment companies and system integrators who want to rapidly develop and deploy mission-critical, connected solutions ranging from smart products and transportation to smart cities and manufacturing.

Separately, PLAT.ONE has also announced the addition of Olivier Lauvray as a new member of the advisor board and strategic commercial leader. Mr. Lauvray is an international business and technology leader, with over 20 years leading business development, product management and R&D initiatives for IoT, connectivity, networking, mobile phones and multimedia. He currently resides in Toulouse, France.

“I’ve been working with PLAT.ONE for several years, and was honored when they approached me to serve on their advisory board,” said Olivier Lauvray. “PLAT.ONE has been proving itself across ‘connected industry’ projects and smart cities in Europe, and is well-placed to expand their global presence based on this move.”

“We’re excited to expand our presence in the USA, bringing our Enterprise-Grade application platform and industry solutions to the Silicon Valley eco-system,” said Filippo Murroni, CEO of PLAT.ONE. “We’re also pleased to complete our Advisory Board with such a respected industry leader as Olivier.”

PLAT.ONE is a renowned developer of Enterprise-Grade software and industrial solutions. Since its release in 2011, PLAT.ONE has established itself as the platform of choice for connected applications in major telecoms, system integrators and global industrial equipment companies. PLAT.ONE’s distributed architecture, integrated development and deployment features, and native security and data-aware operations reduce application development time while providing Enterprise-Grade, non-stop operations. Businesses use PLAT.ONE to deploy innovative connected solutions ranging from smart equipment and transportation to smart cities and manufacturing. For more information, please visit our website at or follow us on Twitter at @PLATONEIoT