ABO Data announces a partnership with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions (TIDS) to develop and deploy Enterprise-Grade solutions for the ‘connected’ industry.

This partnership couples TIDS’ superior commercial and solution development capabilities with PLAT-ONE’s rich library of connected solutions built on the PLAT.ONE Enterprise-Grade application platform. The initial focus of this collaboration is a suite of solutions to provide end-to-end management of vending machines primarily in the food and beverage sector. This solution enables vending operators to track their machines, monitoring operations, collecting and analyzing real-time data and even launching updates remotely. According to market analysts, the numbers of connected devices in the vending industry will top over 3 million globally by 2018.

The two companies will also develop a range of services around specific industrial solutions, ranging from telemetry to remote control and automated diagnostics. PLAT.ONE is already available on Nuvola Italiana (Telecom Italia Cloud) supporting the rapid deployment of Enterprise-Grade connected solutions.

“Telecom Italia’s customers have high expectations and have always received best in class solutions. We are very pleased to bring our Enterprise-Grade platform to meet these demands of quality and satisfaction” stated ABO Data CEO Antonio Murroni. “PLAT.ONE’s features and functionalities are uniquely suited for such where high-scalability and mission critical reliability are essential.”

“Machine to Machine and Internet of Things solutions will rapidly grow in the near future. Enterprises are willing to integrate these new technologies as part of their core business processes, therefore requiring high quality service levels and future proof scalable and flexible solutions. In this scenario ABO Data’s PLAT-ONE Enterprise-Grade solution will enable Telecom Italia Digital Solutions to achieve leadership in the connected-industry market allowing us to be closer to the needs of our customers” stated Luigi Zabatta, Executive Director of the M2M and Internet of Things Services Line of Business within TI Digital Solutions.

About Telecom Italia Digital Solutions

Telecom Italia Digital Solutions (TIDS) is a leading company of the Telecom Italia Group created on 1st of June 2013 with the purpose of playing a crucial role in the digital transformation of the customers’ business. It is an ambitious project whose aim is generating creativeness streams and developing new businesses based on the continuous technology improvements, in strong cooperation with the capabilities and skills of the Telecom Italia Business Division. TIDS brings in the leadership and experience acquired by the Telecom Italia Group and applies it to every aspect of digital innovation such as Machine- to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

About ABO Data 

ABO Data is a renowned developer of enterprise-grade software and produces PLAT.ONE, the first Enterprise-Grade Internet of Things Application Platform. Since its release in 2011, PLAT.ONE has established itself as the platform of choice for connected applications in major Telecoms and global industrial equipment companies. PLAT.ONE’s distributed architecture, integrated development and deployment features, and native security and data-aware operations reduce application development time while providing Enterprise-Grade, non-stop operations. Businesses use PLAT.ONE to deploy innovative connected solutions ranging from smart equipment and transportation to smart cities and manufacturing. For more information, please visit our website at http://platone.io or follow us on Twitter at @PlatOneIOT.