PlaytabaseTM, creators of ReemoTM technology, announced a new partnership today with mnubo, an innovative provider of smart data and analytics services for Internet of Things technology. Playtabase was inspired to collaborate with mnubo to allow Reemo users to better connect with their environments and expand the system’s benefits.

Reemo is a wearable device that allows users to control appliances and home automation systems with gestures rather than remotes or mobile phone apps. Reemo is worn as a bracelet and uses intuitive, motion-based commands to operate everything from lights and thermostats to home entertainment systems, and can even be used to guide a cursor across a screen like a traditional desktop mouse.

Playtabase CEO and co-founder Muhammad Abdurrahman was inspired to create Reemo after he witnessed his father struggle with everyday tasks following a series of debilitating strokes.

While the inspiration for Reemo was to make the physical world more accessible and interactive for individuals with disabilities or other mobility limitations, the wearable technology also creates a connected environment – the “Clickable WorldTM” – that a broader audience can appreciate.

The partnership will allow Reemo users to take advantage of personalized data analytics through mnubo’s cloud platform. The system will derive real-time smart data, allowing Playtabase to tailor its services to specific users and enrich its product development cycle.

“As we explore partnership opportunities, we’re identifying companies that can help us take the functionality of the Reemo system to the next level,” said Abdurrahman. “We’re excited by the ways mnubo will help us to create a more personalized experience for Reemo users.”

Playtabase has stated that it is committed to continued innovation, and the strategic partnership with mnubo will allow the company to further increase the functionality that Reemo brings to its users and the Internet of Things ecosystem.

“We are entering an era of smarter wearables; it is clear that data and analytics are going to play a crucial role in differentiating product offerings and enhancing consumer engagement – the goal is to personalize the wearable experience and help the user harness its true benefits,” said Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo. “mnubo’s data and analytics services for the Internet of Things helps innovative smart object manufacturers like Playtabase maximize the value from their object data and further empower their customers.”

About Playtabase

Playtabase was founded in 2012 by University of Minnesota students to create “fun and meaningful solutions to reinvent your world.” Its flagship product, Reemo, is a wrist-worn mouse for the physical world that allows users to control devices such as lights and thermostats with intuitive gestures. Reemo is life-changing for people with limited mobility and provides tech enthusiasts a seamless point-and-gesture interface for electronics and home automation systems. To learn more about Playtabase and Reemo, visit

About mnubo

mnubo makes the Internet of Things smarter. mnubo provides big data and analytics for IoT and M2M with the goal of transforming ‘connected things’ into ‘smart objects’. Its focus is to help extract true value from sensor data by delivering advanced analytics, strategic insights and enabling richer applications. mnubo offers a SaaS solution to connected object manufacturers and other IoT users to help create meaningful connections between devices and consumers. Their services benefit customers in wearables, home, automotive, industrial and healthcare environments. To learn more about mnubo and how they help companies extract value from Internet of Things data, visit or connect via email at