Electric Imp privateImp

Electric Imp Inc. is expanding its impCloud suite with availability of private impCloud support on Microsoft Azure. “The information security measures required to operate an IoT software platform are greater than general software applications and services, and in particular for securing IoT infrastructure and applications in industrial and commercial settings,” said Abhi Dugar, Research Director, Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure Enabling Technologies & IoT Security at IDC. “With Electric Imp’s Private impCloud availability on Microsoft’s public cloud, customers can leverage Azure’s core strengths as a cloud service provider while simplifying and securing the often-complex challenges of large-scale IoT developments and deployments.”

“Our enterprise customers are looking to scale their deployments quickly and also find ways to further leverage their existing trusted relationship with Microsoft in IoT,” said Hugo Fiennes, CEO and cofounder at Electric Imp. “With the private impCloud for Microsoft Azure, our customers get their own managed instance of our entire platform, fully hosted within Azure. This enables simplified – and higher performance – integrations with other services such as Azure IoT Hub, and other Azure-deployed enterprise solutions.”

The private impCloud for Microsoft Azure provides the ultimate in convenience: IT departments can build on existing support relationships while using existing credits for cloud services. This strategy allows commercial and industrial customers to own the entire path between their devices and cloud systems, satisfying corporate data requirements and accelerating deployment of IoT technology across their organizations.