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Prodapt, a leading global IT services and operations company focusing on telecommunications and the Internet of Things, has announced that management consulting firm Zinnov has positioned it as an established player in their 2016 global ranking of top IoT services providers.

Zinnov Zones was based on capability analysis of parameters such as Internet of Things solutions, depth of offerings, IP, human capital, and clientele. This is the first-of-its-kind rating to help business leaders with partner selection for their IoT initiatives. This recognition reiterates Prodapt’s established position in the IoT ecosystem backed by strong R&D capabilities and investments.

Zinnov evaluated Prodapt’s key Internet of Things capabilities through the Synapt framework, client success stories, and R&D investments. Leveraging its Synapt framework and smart solutions (for cities, parks, security and safety, and cell towers), third-party components, and concept-to-commercialization methodology, Prodapt has completed over a dozen IoT implementations.

Prodapt’s Internet of Things lab showcasing frameworks and smart solutions is being leveraged by customers and partners such as Sprint. Prodapt plans to invest significantly in R&D over the next 3 years and enhance complementary capabilities in big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Acknowledging Prodapt’s positioning, Meena Krishnan, Vice President – IoT, Prodapt, said, Were tremendously excited by our placement in Zinnov Zones. IoT will transform business models, efficiency, and customer experience, and our Synapt framework and methodology will accelerate time to market for such initiatives. I thank Zinnov for this recognition.

Talking about the study, Sidhant Rastogi, Partner & Practice Head, Zinnov, said, Prodapt has demonstrated its commitment and strong capabilities in the Internet of Things, and is building industry-leading smart solutions such as theConnected Officer, which improves police and public safety. We look forward to tracking Prodapts continued investments and successes in the IoT domain.

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