Prodea Systems and Hillwood Communities, a Perot company, today announced that they are working to bring Prodea’s groundbreaking Residential Operating System (ROS®) experience to Hillwood master-planned communities. Through ROS, Prodea Systems plans to deliver a diverse range of entertainment, education, health and wellness, social TV, home security, automation, interactive advertising and enhanced voice services into its mixed-use residential and commercial communities.

Prodea is the first company to provide seamless access to the broad range of services comprising the connected home and, ultimately, the emerging Internet of Things. ROS is a managed service delivery platform that enables traditional and, in the case of Hillwood, emerging service providers worldwide to deliver seamless access between people, services, data and devices in a fashion never before available.

“We strive to make an impact on the communities we serve by approaching each of our new master planned communities with innovation, creativity, and a focus on long-term sustainability,” said Fred Balda, president of Hillwood Communities. “Prodea’s ROS solution helps us create a first-of-its-kind experience – in home and across the community – that is highly differentiated from other developments. Our residents are rewarded with the full promise of the connected lifestyle today with a connecting point to the larger Internet of Things tomorrow. Hillwood Communities benefits by being able to offer new services through ROS that residents wouldn’t typically expect from their developer. We are excited to be among the first to work with Prodea to deliver such capabilities in the United States.”

Based in Dallas, Hillwood is ranked as one of the top industrial, commercial and residential real estate developers in the U.S. Prodea and Hillwood are working together to introduce ROS into a variety of Hillwood communities that feature innovations such as technology, healthy living, environmental stewardship, education, and overall quality of life enrichment.

“We’re excited to enable Hillwood Communities as an emerging service provider to deliver a highly differentiated set of connected home and community services,” said Anousheh Ansari, CEO and co-founder of Prodea. “We are moving beyond the status quo here in the U.S. for the connected home experience. This is a testament that consumers and service providers alike are eager to finally reap the benefits of a long-promised seamless world where all devices work together and everyone can speak the same “digital language.”

About Prodea Systems 
Prodea is the first company that delivered on the promise of the connected home while finally making a seamless connected life possible for everyone. The Prodea Residential Operating System (ROS®) is a unified platform of the Internet of Things that enables diverse Service Providers worldwide to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver autonomous, agnostic and easy to use connectivity and services between people, data and devices. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Prodea maintains additional offices in New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, London, Dubai and Johannesburg. For more information about Prodea Systems, please visit:

About Hillwood 
Hillwood, a Perot company, is ranked as one of the top commercial real estate investors and developers in the country and the top residential developer in Dallas-Fort Worth. The company’s developments currently house facilities for more than 85 companies listed on the Fortune 500, Global 500 or Forbes List of Top Private firms. Hillwood is best known for its Alliance brand that includes the 18,000-acre AllianceTexas, 4,474-acre AllianceFlorida at Cecil Commerce Center, and 2,000-acre AllianceCalifornia. For additional information about the company, please visit