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Prodea Systems, a provider of the industry’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) services platform and Magine TV, a global OTT TV streaming service platform, jointly announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership that will now equip international service providers with a powerful new way to bring the worlds of entertainment and IoT together in a common, cohesive user experience for their subscribers.

The partnership enables Prodea to seamlessly blend Magine’s service into their global multi-service IoT platform and continue to aggregate the best of breed services across numerous verticals like media, healthcare, government, the connected home and the connected car. The two companies have joined forces in recognition of the growing need for service providers and operators to offer a selection of vertical services that can be seamlessly delivered to subscribers via an optimal user experience, with a single sign on and customer privacy and security in mind – making the true promise of a connected lifestyle possible.

Magine offers viewers the best TV experience possible over any network or device, without the need to sacrifice quality or experience as seen in many OTT solutions. Magine provides the responsiveness and reliability of a traditional fixed network with all the benefits and reach of a personalized OTT experience. With their innovative OTT live streaming service, Magine has revolutionized how viewers access and consume content with their ‘TV for Me’ via a personal lineup that had one million users registered in the first 5 months of launching.

The explosive growth in both revenues and subscribers for the global OTT market is expected to reach over$51.38bn in the next five years and the service is now strategically positioned to respond to that growth metric as a key OTT player in Swedish, German and UK markets. To further respond to the high demand for the Magine platform in the Global TV industry, Magine has started to offer OTT partnerships to TV distributors and broadcasters. The partnership with Prodea is an important step in this direction due to Prodea’s international footprint and compelling value proposition, which resonates with a wide variety of distributors and service providers.

The disruptive innovation represented by fast-growing OTT media continues to spark industry debates around the traditional telecommunications model versus the growing mass market demand to access personalised digital content based on unique customer preferences. Service providers and operators now have the opportunity to leverage Prodea’s multi-service platform and create new revenue streams while reducing go to market time. The low capital expenditure required to deploy Prodea’s global multi-service IoT platform enables service providers to maximize ARPU while strengthening existing customer relationships by delivering a new, on-the-go cloud based OTT Live TV and catch up video in one seamless and highly personalised entertainment experience.

“The partnership with Magine is another strong step that Prodea is taking in order to offer a sophisticated, enterprise-ready multi-services platform to service providers,” said Andrew Tauhert, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “Mobile operators are increasingly aligning themselves with OTT digital content and delivery models which enhance the customer experience, and help cement loyalty to their core services. Our partnership with Magine is in line with our corporate reputation of sourcing and selecting the very best of IoT services and verticals and delivering that industry excellence to our multi-screen, multi-service platform. We anticipate both ecosystems to benefit highly from our aligned strategies that respond to the demand for the next generation of IoT services.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Prodea and bring our accelerated international expansion to further fruition due to their global reach and existing operator relationships in worldwide markets,” said Dr. Ambuj Goyal, CEO of Magine TV. “Our mission is to become the leading international cloud-based TV service and to re-write the rules for how users enjoy the TV that they love. Prodea’s comprehensive end-to-end offering and future proof solution makes them the clear choice for operators. We look forward to jointly creating new inroads in the OTT entertainment space and bring the benefits and opportunities of Magine to new markets with Prodea in the future.”

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