ProxToMe and Star Cloud Services announced a partnership that will give retailers a fast, simple method for engaging with shoppers in-store on their mobile devices and streamlining business operations – all without the need for expensive new hardware.

ProxToMe and Star Cloud Services are announcing scalable proximity technologies and a robust cloud platform, utilizing the Star Micronics printers already installed at more than six million retail locations. These printers will gradually become touch points capable of interacting with nearby mobile users and creating value-added services.

The first products are a device management service and a digital receipting service over a proprietary mobile app called “AllReceipts.” Retailers will gain instant online access to their printers to monitor device status and mobile shopper statistics. They will also be able to solicit shopper feedback, such as purchase satisfaction ratings. Shoppers can download AllReceipts, available for iOS and Android, and collect digital receipts by scanning a QR code on the paper receipt or by simply waving their smartphone near the receipt printer.

Star Cloud Services relies on the ProxToMe IoT platform to cloud-connect their printers and communicate with nearby mobile shoppers. In the store, the AllReceipts app utilizes ProxToMe’s core proximity technology that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to verify close proximity to a receipt printer and trigger digital receipts pushed through the cloud. The app also integrates NFC and printed QR code scanners to service the preferences of the international market, where Star Micronics is also a major player.

“Cloud connecting receipt printers through the ProxToMe Platform will unleash unprecedented opportunities to bridge the physical and digital retail worlds. AllReceipts is just the beginning,” said Carlo Capello, CEO of ProxToMe. “Applying IoT capabilities to this fundamental retail issue is a win for retailers and shoppers alike.”

Star Cloud Services and ProxToMe plan to continue leveraging Star Micronics’ broad retail presence with extended digital receipt service and cloud platform features to interested parties that want to connect their mobile apps to Star Micronics’ printers, including third party app developers, data analytics engine partners, loyalty program providers, and others.

“We plan to build on the ProxToMe platform and Star Micronics’ retail presence to build an ecosystem of solutions that tap into the innovations created by developers and other partners,” said David Salisbury, vice president, sales and marketing at Star Cloud Services. “We offer retailers the opportunity to gain new competitive advantage through deeper engagement with shoppers, while offering shoppers the convenience of storing receipts that will facilitate returns and management of their personal finances.”

About ProxToMe

ProxToMe makes Things smarter. They offer an Internet of Things cloud platform that enables product businesses to become service businesses by connecting their hardware to the cloud and nearby mobile consumers. The company’s proprietary proximity engine and robust backend are designed for technology service providers in retail, hospitality, and entertainment.

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About Star Cloud Services

Star Cloud Services is a Star Micronics subsidiary born to bring IoT solutions to retailers by leveraging on the Star Micronics brand and global footprint. With a retail base at the ready, Star Cloud Services will gradually build new features relying on Star Cloud, which will help retailers to bridge the gap between the brick and the click at the retail store.

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