In recent years, the smart life tide, which has attracted worldwide top technological forces into the field, is becoming increasingly intensive. Smartness is no longer limited to cellphones, bracelets, and home appliances and has now been extended to taking care of our basic necessities – food, clothing, shelter and transportation.

After opening special exhibition halls for the first time last year, the “PT/EXPO CHINA 2015” improves its level once again by setting Hall 4 and 5 of China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) as the “Smart Life Hall and TOPSHOW Smart Conference”, which will exhibit the coolest smart hardware and life scenes to global visitors on September 22 – 25.

5G Heading to 2020

It is expected that 5G will be fully put into commercial use in 2020, realizing a thousand-time increase of data traffic and extending people’s lives from mobile Internet to IoT. As a scale-leading information communications exhibition in Asia-Pacific, the PT/Expo is not only a gathering for smart products but a wind vane for future trends. What should be noted is that Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell and ZTE will enter the “5G Future Life” zone in Hall 5.

Ericsson will demonstrate some 5G application scenes such as remote control and automatic driving. Shanghai Bell will introduce how to use navigation, shopping, online payment, games and other applications by employing mobile communication networks, cloud platforms, NFC and electronic labeling technology to visitors through interactive experience in the Mall Wall.

ZTE will present its industry-leading Pre-5G solution: using the most practical 5G core technology to offer 5G-approaching access experience to users and relying on the existing 4G networks to improve current network users’ access speed rate in multiples and the overall network capacity so as to effectively solve the challenge brought by data traffic surge before 5G is standardized, provide a smoother and more efficient 5G evolution road to mobile operators and lead the 5G commercialization process.

What is Future Life Like?

Arms up for clothes and mouth open for food, using a cellphone to drive a car like an action hero, taking a cellphone that has integrated the cellphone, purse, and car key into one to travel to eliminate having to beg for a doctor’s glimpse by getting up at 5 am to line up for registration, followed by having several tubes of blood drawn and getting multiple B-scans. At this PT/Expo, these will cease to just be dreams.

In the “Internet + Smart Home” future home exhibition zone, you will see a complete smart home solution provided by the industrial conglomerate consisting of Haier, Lenovo, HiWiFi, Microsoft, LeTV and other big-brand companies, and learn about the current condition and development trend of Smart Home.

Leading healthcare enterprises including Neusoft, Xikang, Continua, and Jianyue will constitute the “Internet + Healthcare” exhibition zone, enabling you to experience in person the convenience brought by healthcare eco-system for people in terms of medical treatment.

In the “Internet + Mobile Payment” zone, you will be able to see the convenient payment technical plans provided by companies in the mobile payment ecological chain such as Alipay, Huawei, Meizu, NXP and Shanghai Bell, learning about the latest development and future trend of mobile payment.

Besides, CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Labs), as the “Internet + Public Service Platform”, will exhibit in a centralized way the overall testing solutions in the fields of “Internet + Smart Home”, “Internet + Healthcare”, “Internet + Business-startup and Innovation”, “Internet + Mobile Payment”, etc., including online and offline as well as lab environment and simulated reality environment, to present a user-experience-based standards, testing and certification public service platform to visitors.

Smart life is both a developing trend and the future. Therefore, the PT/Expo is also turning its sights to the generation born after 2010. The brand-new Sougou Teemo T2 watch has been favored a lot by parents and children since it came into the market as it is not only good looking but highly intelligent: it can tell stories, interact with children, locate positions accurately, report safety on time, care about children’s growth by keeping walking records, as well as realize family chatting by one button. Recently, Teemo has forged an alliance with Lenovo TV, starting the “Smart Family Experience” mode. It is believed that their participation in the Expo will create new and innovative products and technology.

The PT/Expo will officially open at the Beijing CIEC on September 22. According to the host, visitors can register on the PT/Expo website or through its WeChat account in advance to get free admission and have a chance to become an audience of “ICT China High Level Forum 2015”. Unprecedented smart products and fantastic creative concepts will be assembled here to “pre-exhibit” what the future life looks like.

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