PTC has announced that it is advancing world-wide IoT innovation, as customers and partners continue to select ThingWorx IoT technology to enhance their connected solutions and product portfolios. To date, hundreds of PTC partner companies – solution builders – have chosen ThingWorx to accelerate their IoT initiatives and enable them to deliver business value to their customers, including partners Autoware, a provider of advanced solutions to control and supervise plants, processes, and supply chains; INDEFF, a specialized international solution provider for industry, smart manufacturing, and infrastructure; Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company; HMS Industrial Networks, a provider of the Netbiter solution for remote monitoring of field equipment; and Acumen Solutions, a trusted leader in enterprise cloud transformation.

According to IDC, the worldwide Internet of Things market will grow to $1.7 trillion in 2020, due in part to new possibilities for connected products and services. PTC’s ThingWorx technology continues to see consistent adoption across various markets that include manufacturing, energy, aerospace and defense, agriculture, and transportation. ThingWorx enables these companies to reduce the time and cost of building and deploying Internet of Things solutions in an increasingly competitive market.

ThingWorx, the centerpiece of PTC’s Internet of Things technology portfolio, is comprised of a rapid application development platform, connectivity, machine learning capabilities, augmented reality, and integration with leading device clouds. These capabilities combine to deliver a comprehensive IoT technology stack that enables companies to securely connect assets, quickly create applications, and innovate new ways to capture and deliver value.

PTC has built a robust and diversified ThingWorx partner ecosystem that brings together companies to collaboratively address the challenges and opportunities that the Internet of Things presents. These partners leverage ThingWorx technology to rapidly, securely, and economically build and maintain connected solutions that enable them to expand business models and bring new value to their customers. The ThingWorx partner ecosystem focuses on developing the components that contribute to the IoT innovation success – including analytics, application development, and connectivity – for markets that include manufacturing, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, and smart cities. ThingWorx partners have the opportunity to list their applications, extensions, solutions, and services on the ThingWorx Marketplace, making them available to partners and customers looking to bring new value to their IoT solutions and accelerate time-to-market.

“The Internet of Things is having a significant impact on the design, production, operation, and management of everyday products, prompting more companies to find the right partner to enhance their offerings and processes,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC. “The selection of ThingWorx as an IoT solution by these partner companies validates our vision and open cloud platform approach, and serves as an endorsement of our easy-to-use tools that are critical to the success of any IoT strategy.”

Many industry analysts report that PTC delivers the most comprehensive IoT technology stack in the world. “PTC has emerged as a clear leader in the Internet of Things market,” said Stephanie Atkinson, President, Compass Intelligence. “Its vision, robust technology portfolio, and strong market position make the company a clear choice for any organization with a need to capitalize on the Internet of Things and achieve improvements in efficiency, reductions in cost, and the advancement of new business models.”

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